Friday, February 24, 2012



Supper Chili & Cornbread baked in a canning jar.

I have since tweaked my chili recipe from what
I had posted earlier this week.

-1 pound meat mix from Tuesday (.30 cents)
-2 cans mild chili beans (free)
-2 cans tomato soup ($1.00)
-1 cup water
-onion powder
-little bit of leftover bbq sauce (.05 cents)
-leftover can of tomatoes from taco pizzas (.10 cents)
-packet of chili seasoning (.10 cents)

-box of jiffy corn bread mix (.70 cents)
-1 egg (.10 cents)
-1/3 cup milk (.10 cents)


Warm chili up in a pot. While that is warming
mix up your cornbread batter.

Fill canning jars about 2/3rds full with chili,
top with some shredded cheddar cheese,
then spoon cornbread batter in half the space left.
Put into oven at 375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.
I will have to experiment with the time since
I have not made it like this before.

Remove jars from oven once done with pot holders.
Let sit til the jars cool down some before serving.

I put a clean! sock over the sides and bottom
of the jars before serving to help keep the chili
warm and to keep everyone from burning their hands
on the jar.

It actually turned out really good! Mmmmm!
Jonathan, who NEVER eats chili with beans
saw Christopher eating his chili out of the jar and
actually said, "that looks good, I want to try some."
He ate a half of a jar. I was shocked!

I also made up some coke and vanilla floats
with Dr. Pepper ice cream topping drizzled on top.

AND I also got a head start on breakfast for
tomorrow morning. In the food processor I put-
-1/3rd bag of shoestring fries
-1/2 of a small onion diced
-1 smoked sausage rope sliced up
-1 cup mozarella cheese
-3 eggs

Then I sprayed a cupcake tin and filled
with hashbrown mixture and put into fridge
til tomorrow morning.

Was thinking about making up some German mini puff pancakes
in some cupcake tins also but will do those tomorrow morning.
Might fill with a peaches and cream mixture.


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