Saturday, February 4, 2012


Here is another idea going into the Idea Notebook.
Window frame picture.
Here was my inspirational photo-

I have a very large, probably looking at 3' x 4 '
window frame with no glass. Something I found
on the side of the road. I was thinking about
getting a photo enlarged to about poster size
and putting behind it. BUT, after seeing how
much it would cost to do that (about $30 to $40 at Walgreens)
I have put off doing it. Today I discovered that
if you go to an office supply store they can
do engineering prints for much cheaper.
I'm going to say for under $5.00 for something that large.
Of course it looks like it only comes in black and white
which is fine by me as I think the more subtle look
would be better with something that large rather
than some vibrant color jumping off the wall at you
like you are in some kind of art museum.
Not good for a small space.
I got the idea here for the engineering prints.
The only difference is that this person was
putting her print on a canvas and I want mine
to go behind an old window frame.
Here is the photo I want to do and in it
you can see the window frame hanging on the
wall I want to do this project with.

I do have another curb side found window frame
that is about half the size of the other one
that does have glass in it. I thought about
doing that one with a photo of me and Tony.
Maybe one from the day we got married.
Don't know if they can do it from an actual
photo not taken with a digital camera though.


What is on the agenda for today-

Need to run to Kroger. Wanted to also look
for cardboard boxes but it's raining out
so we'll see how that hunt goes with
finding dry one. I need empty boxes
to weed out the basement some more.
I used to drive behind shopping centers
in search of boxes but are leery now of the
ones that have security driving around.
I was once accused of stealing boxes out of a dumpster.
Craziest thing, I know.

Laundry. That's an every weekend thing for me.

Go through more stuff in the basement.

But we'll see how everything goes today to see
what I get done. There's always something exciting
going on around here and by exciting I mean
never a dull moment. Excitement around here
doesn't usually mean having a fun time.
Yesterday Tony failed to tell
me that twice during the day he started experiencing
groin pain that would stop him in his tracks.
It wasn't til about bed time that he was in the
kitchen in excruciating pain and could barely walk
let alone move out of the one place he was standing in.
That is when I found out about the other two incidents.
I was about ready to take him to the ER,
he looked in that much pain. He laid down and within
about a half hour the pain had passed. So now
I will be watching him like a hawk!! I'm afraid
he might have a hernia considering all the symptoms.
I'd kick his rear for not telling me about
the other two times but fear more injury. I was freaking out
last night trying to figure out what was wrong.
One minute he was fine, playing with the cat and up
and walking around. The next minute I see him
in the corner of the kitchen, gripping the counter,
not being able to move and moaning in pain.
I'm like what the hell, he was perfectly fine
minutes before.


When you have a hubby that does maintenance for a
850-900 apartment complex, you are ALWAYS trying to
figure out uses for things that they throw away!

Here is an idea for storage under your bed using
the bottom rack of a dishwasher- An under
the bed storage rack. This rack already has wheels on it
so it will make rolling under the bed quite easy.

I also got to looking at the top rack of the dishwasher
and saw how it glides out on sliding brackets.
Wonder if those could be removed and you could
use that rack in the bottom of a cupboard, let's
say for use under the sink.

Here's an under the sink pull out basket for $56 at Sears!

Kind of resembles an upper dishwasher rack huh.


I have always wanted to knock out the upper walls
separating the kitchen and dining/living room area.

I would so love to make an angled island
at the corner walls like this one below.
(no sink and probably couldn't have as much overhang
on the upper counter top) Maybe some day.
But this is the way I have always pictured
it in my head to make an open floor plan
in a small house. It's take me awhile to
find the angled cabinets to show Tony
what I would like to do.



Got a late start on laundry and working on my storage room.
Got one load getting ready to go over to the dryer
and I made about 6 trips up the stairs with stuff
to be hauled out of here. Something is better than nothing.
Still don't have any extra boxes and didn't look
for any today. My legs are throbbing so
the trips up and down the basement steps
anymore today will be limited to only when I change
the laundry over.



One load of laundry done, one in washer & dryer.
I also worked on getting another basket full of
stuff to weed out of here.
I know cleaning up a basement doesn't sound like much
but when you consider when we moved in here
that a majority of things went to the basement
well then maybe you can imagine what it would
look like. Time for the stuff to get the heave ho!
3 years and 8 months later I still don't have the
rec room done down there and the basement finished
as in installing carpet, baseboards and painting it.
The best time to clean and weed out stuff is when
you get flustered with it all. You save less and
pitch more when you are in that kind of mood.
7 boxes in one day tells you the kind of mood I'm in, lol.
They are not the biggest boxes though as I have
to be able to carry stuff up the stairs. I can't
really expect Tony to help me at the moment
with a possible hernia and plus I work on the basement
at times when he is at work.

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