Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Brrr it's cold outside. The one bus just now came
and was 20 minutes late. The junior high bus from
earlier was on time. I noticed one kid that rode
the junior high bus walked to the bus stop with no jacket
and had a couple of bath towels wrapped around him!!
Makes me want to scour around to see if I have an
extra jacket for him to use.


I received an email from Elmer's, ya know the glue.
At some time I signed up to do product surveys/reviews.
Well they contacted me not long ago about wanting
me to do one. I have to fill out some paper work
and send to them first. If it all goes through
and I qualify for this research I then would
get the new product to try, $50 worth of Elmer's
products to keep and $50 in a Visa gift card.
Woo Hooo!
Time to get my new printer up and running asap
so I can start printing off the paper work
and get it sent to them!



Just got home. We left around 10:30am.
The cat scan appointment wasn't until 11:45am
so we stopped in a thrift store in the area
of the radiologists office to kill some time.
Not sure when we will know the results of the cat scan.

I found these bargains-

Children's Bible .50 cents

A bottle of hairspray .50 cents
pkg of 5 headbands .90 cents (been wanting some more!)

An air pump that plugs into your car $1.99
This will be so nice to have to fill air
mattresses when going camping/staying at the lake,
for using the air mattress in the back of the
truck at the track, or especially for blowing
up pool rafts/rings when going to the pool or the beach.

And lastly, I save the best for last, lol,
I think is one heck of a deal,
2 HUGE stacks of plastic sleeve pages,
.90 cents each stack.
There's about 100 pages in each stack.
Already pinning ideas for them on Pinterest!


Well I wasn't home for very long and have to run
over to the bus stop now. Whew, It would be nice
to sit down for just a minute today!

We'll have visited a doctor each day this week!
No rest for the weary. I got my appointment tomorrow,
Tony has his mom in the hospital for surgery Friday
and we're calling now to see if he needs to check
back with his family doctor Friday to see about
the results of the cat scan. Plus throw in there
two parent teacher conferences this week also.
So tired!



Working on supper. At least the roast is already
made for the beef tips, noodles and gravy.
Just have to thicken the gravy and boil the noodles now.




The kids and hubby raved over my gravy I made with the
deer roast and noodles. Glad I posted how I made it.
I thickened it with a water & flour mix.
I actually think the cranberry juice gave it the
really good flavor. No one would be able to guess
what the secret ingredient was though.

Now last week me and mom went to Nancy's on High St.
We had the beef noodles. And I would have to say
for once, this beef (deer roast) and noodles
were much better tasting than theirs!


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