Thursday, August 30, 2012



I didn't sleep good last night.
My lower back and hip area were hurting
pretty good.   Took some Tylenol this morning
upon waking up and just took the last two
in the bottle just now because I can feel my
legs starting to throb.  Need to run to Kroger
to get some more tonight.  Can't be without
some sort of pain relief when it gets this bad.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012



I see gas prices are gonna go up soon due
to the soon to be Hurricane Isaac.
The last I read they shut down 39 oil rigs
in the Gulf Of Mexico which produces
I think 24% of our oil.  

My neighbor called me this morning.
I take her grandchild to and from the
bus stop with my boys each morning
and afternoon so she doesn't have to.
I don't ask for anything in return because
I am already taking my boys.
She is insistent on wanting to give me
gas money every couple of months
now to help cover my gas costs.
I told her she didn't have to and 
I did not expect it from her.
Last school year she sent me a $25
Walmart gift card for doing it.

People look at you so funny now a days when you
want to do things out of the kindness of
your heart and don't need paid for things.
Just like those foreign men that wanted
to pay me for some ornamental grass out of
my yard.  They couldn't comprehend 
that they didn't have to pay me for it.
Same thing with the cake I made for someone.
All I really asked was that they cover
the costs of the ingredients I had to buy
and if they wanted to give me more I totally
left that up to them.
It just makes you feel good to do for others.
I may not have a lot of money so
try to do the best I can with paying
things forward.
Yesterday I gave a neighborhood kid,
about 4 years old who will be starting
kindergarten next school year, two
book bags that were filled with 
coloring and preschool work books.
He loved them and was outside yesterday
playing with them.  One book bag he put on
his back while pulling along the other one
with wheels up and down the sidewalk
all evening long.  It was so cute to watch.
I didn't have any bags for his sisters so gave
them each a frilly scarf for this Winter which
they were wearing around their necks 
yesterday like they were some kind of movie stars, lol.



I don't remember repairing electronic devices
in my job description of being a parent, lol.
Well there's a first time for everything.
Gonna give it a try and pray to God it
all goes as it's supposed to.
This is so far out of my league dealing
with teeny tiny screws, wires and whatever
else all those other things are jammed
packed in this hand held Nintendo DSI game thingy.
I'm going to attempt to replace the bottom
screen with a new one.



Supper tonight is pizza.  Didn't think one
pizza would fill everyone so made some
bruschetta on French bread slices found
in the mark down area at Kroger.
I made them by combining olive oil,
garlic, oregano and parmesan together in a bowl.
I then brushed the bread rounds with the
olive oil and placed on a 
cookie sheet.  I took some homemade salsa
a friend at hubby's work gave us and spooned it
onto each piece of bread and topped with
a little piece of swiss cheese and baked
for about 8-10 minutes.

Hubby informed me that on the way home
from work he had to stop and get gas
and it is now $3.95!  OUCH!

Monday, August 27, 2012



Got some spaghetti sauce going in the crock pot.
2 cans mushroom flavored spaghetti sauce ($1.18),
1 pound ground deer burger (free),
splenda (.05 cents),
onion powder (.01 cents),
oregano (free),
garlic powder (.02 cents)
spaghetti ($1.00)
Will serve with spaghetti and meatballs
I had in the freezer that was leftover
from meatball subs and bread & butter.
Any leftover spaghetti & sauce
will be put in the freezer for another meal.



In another crock I added the concord grapes
I had prepped along with some lemon juice and sugar.
I'll let this cook on low
for about 10 hours.
Then I plan to strain the grapes,
add in the pectin to the juice and put into
recycled plastic peanut butter jars
and put in the freezer which will
last up to a year.

Earlier this morning I started chopping
up all my bell peppers, banana peppers
and a couple other hot peppers
to make salsa with.  Why do I need reminded to wear
rubber gloves when doing this?!  Burny Burny!
Another day though
as I'm doing things little by little.
I still have some tomatoes that need
peeled and chopped up.
I'll also add in some onions and celery
along with a packet of salsa mix.

I saved all the seeds from the peppers from the garden
and have them drying in little 
tupperware type bowls I got from one of the dollar stores.
Good seeds to save from your garden
are ones from beans, peppers and tomatoes. 
After drying seeds put into freezer for a couple days to kill
off any pests then store in a cool, dry place.



The Better Than You Know What Cake
I made must of been pretty darn good.
I knew ahead of time I was getting
$15 to make it for this guy.
Tony just called to say the guy threw
in an extra $5 tip, so $20 for my dessert!!
Woo Hoo!  That made my day.
I tweaked the dessert a little to put
my own signature touch on it.
Instead of just putting cool whip on
top of it I did a mix of cool whip and
vanilla pudding with a chocolate cake on the first one and on 
this recent cake did French vanilla pudding
with a Devil's Food cake.
I think if I made another one I would
like to add a little coffee flavor to
the chocolate cake.
This is the dessert that originally
won the Spring dessert contest at
hubby's work.  Funny things is that
I haven't really gotten the chance to 
even try this cake (other than maybe
a bite while sampling it at the contest)
to even enjoy what it may taste like.

Sunday, August 26, 2012



Tony and a coworker just left to head down
to U-Wrench It or maybe it's Pick N Pull out in Groveport in 
search of a Dodge full sized truck.
Right now we're just searching to see
if  a junk yard has one.  If he finds one then
this coming weekend Tony and my high school
friend will go and try to remove it.
A new steering box would run $400+.
A junk yard one costs $51
so that's why we are going that route.
Our junk yard has warranties that say
if they part does not work return it within
30 days.  I've done the dirty work of trying
to see what years of these trucks are
compatible with one another which will
increase our chances of finding a truck 
in the junk yard.  Our truck is a 98.
We should be able to use a steering box
from Dodge Ram 1500 trucks that are from 94 to 98.
Slowly but surely we're trying to
fix up this Dodge pickup.  Don't have the money
to do it all at once.  Last weekend we fixed
and replaced a gas tank strap that broke off.
With a little macgyvering we found strip metal
at Menards for less than $5 to fix it.
New ones (2 per kit) costs $52 to $56!
So we saved $21 to $23 on the one alone.


Yesterday we took the boys to the beach.
Me and Tony didn't swim.
I took along umbrellas to keep the sun off us
as it was HOT out there along the
water sitting on the sand.  I think it got to 93 degrees.

 Christopher metal detecting at the beach.
He managed to find and dig up a quarter.
I bought them a handheld colander from
Dollar Tree for a buck so they could
sift sand in it and find treasures.

 Had cooler with sandwiches, pop,
and chips.  Brought along our freebie wagon
Tony found at work to haul everything.

Last night a high school friend of mine
and his girlfriend brought their van over
and we helped them changed their oil.
They were not allowed to change the oil
in the parking lot of the apartments they lived in
so that's the reason for coming over 
and using our drive way.
In return they gave us a 12 pack bottles
of Budweiser beer.  They work at Busch
as security guards and get free beer.
Plus now we may have an extra set of hands
for when we find a steering box at the junk yard 
this coming weekend to help remove it and bring it home. 


The kids are wanting me to make more breakfast
sandwiches like the ones I made last week.
I found bakery style dinner rolls marked down at kroger
for $1.49 last week.  There was 12 in each bag. 
So for $3.98 I had only 24 rolls.
I was thinking about making my own rolls for much
less than that and ones that probably taste better.
I have always loved the cake mix rolls
I make for Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Jiffy Cake Mix Rolls 
The recipe above calls for a Jiffy cake mix.
You can use a regular boxed cake mix
(Kroger, Duncan Hines, etc)
and make double the amount.
A Jiffy cake mix is 1/2 the amount of
a regular cake mix.
A jiffy cake mix will make 15-18 rolls.
If using a regular boxed cake mix you
can make 30-36 dinner rolls.
I haven't doubled the recipe or know if you can
so when making with a regular cake mix
only use half the cake mix at a time
and make two separate batches. 



Went to Kroger and did some grocery shopping.
Spent $45 for the week.
Some mark down deals we found-
angel food cake .99 cents
1/2 gallon milk .49 cents
gallons of milk $1.89

Once home I started on laundry.
It shouldn't be as much as last week thank goodness.
I usually don't pretreat clothing for stains
but I had two shirts that needed it this week.
I splurged and bought a small bottle
of originall Dawn dish soap.
In a bucket I added the dish soap,
peroxide and some powdered dishwasher soap
with some water.  I added the shirts
and now have them soaking in it.
One shirt was Tony's new white work shirt
with oil stains on it from changing oil last night.
Another shirt was a nice school shirt of
Christophers.  He got a nose bleed and
some blood down the front of it.
I hope my stain concoction works.

Went out and watered the garden.
I gathered a few more tomatoes,
green bell peppers and hot peppers.
I'm hoping this week to make
some salsa and get some grape jelly made.

At Kroger I got some chicken legs.
I was hoping to get some chicken quarters
for cheaper but I didn't find any even
after asking our friend the butcher, hmmm.
But anyway I tore off the plastic wrap over top
them and left them on the styrofoam tray
and poured some teriyaki over them and
put them in the fridge to marinade.
In a couple hours I'm gonna mix up a seasoning
mix with some breading and coat them with it
and put into the oven.


Got a couple loads going in the washer and dryer.
One child and hubby are out back tidying
up the back yard and have unloaded the truck
from going to the beach yesterday and
have reloaded it with stuff that needs dumped.
Me, well I am getting ready to make
a cake for someone at hubby's work for
tomorrow and make a couple batches of
rolls and make some more breakfast sandwiches
with them for the upcoming weeks.
This time around the kids wanted deli shaved
turkey slices instead of ham.


Got the cake baking in the oven.
While that is baking I mixed together the dough
for the rolls.  I set a wire rack over top
the one burner on the stove which vents
heat from the oven and placed the two
bowls of roll dough on top.
The warmth of the oven will help the dough rise.
I'll let it sit and rise 1 hour.
Then divide dough up into balls,
butter the tops and let rise another
hour before baking.

Got another 30 minutes to wait for the rolls
to rise then will put into the oven.
Right now I have some chicken legs in there baking.
This is keeping the rolls kinda warm 
on top the oven to rise.  
I used a butter cake mix instead of white.
While I've been doing laundry and the cooking
Tony and Jonathan have been outside
working under the truck getting the steering
box removed and getting all dirty.


Was talking to mom on the phone and they wanted
me to check around to see who might sell
large wedge pillows to sleep on.
These things aren't cheap running from
Think, think, think!
How can I make something like this
for free or cheap.  And the light bulbs goes on, lol.
Find some couch cushions at Tony's work
and cut them in the shape of wedges.
Then sew a cover out of some cheap flat sheets.
This is what a pillow wedge looks like.



Just starting to slow down.
Got home around 8:30pm from
taking a load of stuff over to Tony's work
to dump.  Once home I finished making my cake.
Sure hope my customer is happy with it. 
Would like to brew up some more
business by word of mouth around hubby's work :0)

Oh and I got 32 breakfast sandwiches made
with homemade rolls.  Some have
turkey, egg and cheese while others
have ham, egg and cheese.
Cost was between $5 and $6 to make.
.15 to .18 cents a sandwich.

Well I got clothes laid out for tomorrow for
everyone and lunch money in envelopes ready to go.
I know not everyone says this,
but I'm ready for Monday to get here
so I can have somewhat of a day off
in between runs to and from the bus stop.

Friday, August 24, 2012



Me and mom went out for breakfast
around 7am this morning then
went to yard sales and the thrift store.

Yard sale finds-

Solar powered shed light $1.00.

Starbucks cake pop kit .50 cents.
The Clapper new in box. $2.00.
Has two plug ins to work two different things.
I'm using this in my bedroom because me
and my honey both climb into bed and forget
to turn off the light and argue who's
gonna get back outta bed and turn it off, lol.

 A bunch of printer paper .50 cents for all.

Wooden bill organizer with pull out tray $3.93.
Thrift store find.

Haley's cleaning hints book .90 cents
thrift store.

Plus I got Christopher about 
4 polo shirts and 2-3 shorts for back to school
from the thrift store.
Some were half price.


Stopped in Dollar Tree tonight to pick up
a pack of 9 volt batteries (2 in a pack) for $1.00.
I guess tomorrow we're taking the kids
to swim at the beach and they want to
take along the metal detector which needs these batteries.
While in Dollar Tree I had my notebook and paper
and jotted down any brand names of items I could
find.  The reason for this was because I heard starting
next week Dollar Tree is going to start
accepting manufacture coupons.
I wanted to have a list to know what kind
of brand name items they carried so
I could try to match them up to any coupons
that might come along.
I think I might make a new tab at the top
of this blog that says Dollar Tree
with all the name brand stuff I found there
to help others to match up those coupons.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Had a somewhat better morning with the bus.
It was only 10 minutes late today compared
to yesterday at 30-35 minutes late.
It's all understandable to be the first couple
days of school and everything from
classes, school to bus runs are new to everyone.
The bus driver missed their bus stop in the afternoon
yesterday and tried to get them
to get off at another stop.  I don't think so.
If parents are waiting and expecting their
children at a certain time or stop
then that's where she needs to drop them off at.
There's too many weirdos out there
that prey on children for the bus driver
to start making up her own rules. 


8:00 - 9:15am

I finished taking all the skins off
the Concord Grapes.

I then added a cup of sugar to the food processor
and added 1/2 the grape skins.
I did two batches of skins this way.

Once the skins were pureed I poured them
into a metal bowl (no plastic as this can stain).
Then I pureed up the innards of the grapes
and added them to the grape skins in the bowl
and stirred altogether.

This made roughly 8-10 pounds which will
later on be boiled down with more sugar, strained and pectin added
to start making jelly.

I got supper prepped.  All I have to
do it throw it in the oven this afternoon.

Deer Burger Meatloaf.
2 pounds deer burger
1 can tomato soup
1 packet onion soup mix
seasoning salt
1 egg
seasoned bread crumbs

For the top I mixed
brown sugar and ketchup in a bowl
and spooned it over top the loaf
before baking.


My youngest son purchased a Nintendo DSI
from a neighborhood kid for $5.00.
He's been saving his money up
in a piggy bank.
It does work but the bottom screen is white.
The touch pad seems to work but nothing
shows on bottom screen.
These DSI's go for $100 to $150 new
and about $50 to $60+ used
and that doesn't include shipping.
I got him (awaiting for it to arrive)
a replacement lcd screen with tools
off ebay for under $10.
Well it didn't really cost me anything
as it was free money I made by doing surveys. 
So are hoping that this replacement screen
fixes it and that will be the best $5.00
my child spent on a hand held game system!!
Well almost the best, lol.
A couple years ago we found a Gameboy Advance Sp
with charger, case and games for $7 at a yard sale.
Teach them to save money, make use of what
they have by using their creativity, be able to fix things,
and to find bargains while they are young! 
Because they can use this knowledge 
when they are older and moved out on their own.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Oh yeah, off to a really good start to the
first day of school.
Getting the boys up and ready for school
was a breeze because I had everything planned out.
Breakfasts were already made- just popped
it in the microwave for 20 seconds.  Can't get much faster
than that, lol , clothes laid out,
binders and school supplies all packed
and lunch money in pockets.
Left house and picked up neighbor kid
around 6:40am.  Arrived at bus stop
and saw about 4 other kids there.
Bus drivers have no clue.
We had about 3 buses stop and ask
what school the kids went to.
The bus is supposed to be here at 6:55am.
A bus, off by one number that we were told
would pick the kids up,
finally showed up for their school
at almost 7:30am!!  And it was still
making stops down the road after picking up from our bus stop.
Hellooooo, school starts at 7:30!!
This is my one son's first day of middle school.
They are already stressed out as it is
being at a new school and having
a new schedule.  Now he's going to school
on the first day after school has already started.
It's a good thing I feed them breakfast in 
the mornings because they would have
no time at all to eat it at school. 
These buses should have GPS in them
with each route put into them for
all drivers!
I hope it goes much better tomorrow!

Here are some more photos from the apartment
fire just up the road from us.
It's from channel 10tv.
Not sure if the children who lived
there attend our kids school or not
since it's close by.  The Red Cross has taken
all the children who has been forced to live
in temporary shelters to the bus stop this morning.
I just couldn't imagine having only minutes to grab
your most important belongings and being
forced to leave your home never to return to it.
We drove by the place yesterday and
was able to get back in there to see the front side.
Might get some photos this evening to
show what it looks like now.  It's bad! 
Here's a news clip I recorded to show
how bad it was.



Got a load of laundry in the washer & dryer
and got a load hung up.
Got supper going in the crock pot.

Teriyak pork chops with chinese veggies over rice.
Something I threw together that sounded good. 
Just guesses as to how much of each
ingredient I put in the crock as I just
"threw" it in there, lol.

-1 package boneless pork chops ($1.64)
-1/3 cup crushed pineapple (.10 cents)
-1/4 pineapple juice (from the canned pineapple)
-1/4 cup soy or stir-fry sauce (free)
-worcestershire sauce (free)
-dash of ginger (free)
-tablespoon or two of brown sugar (free)

Once cooked shred or cut up chops, stir, then add in can of chinese veggies to warm through.

Serve over rice.


Last night I gave the boys each a hair cut.
Nothing like doing something at the last moment.
It's been about 2 months since their last hair cut.
Looking a little shaggy, lol. 
They are 11 and 12 years old and have
never been to a barber or had anyone
but myself cut their hair.

It's only 9:40am and I'm so ready to go 
lay back down.  My stomach is in an uproar,
churning and gurgling and the body is
starting to throb.  Not sure if it is because
of the stress and worry of back to school or what.
Going to pop a tylenol or two to see if it helps. 



I spent some of my afternoon before picking
up the kids peeling the skins off concord grapes.
I'm thinking about making freezer jelly with them.
You take the skins off, add them to a food processor
with 1 cup of sugar then add them with the
grape centers in a pan and let them boil
with another 2 cups sugar and lemon juice.
Once done then you strain out the seeds
and skin.
Here's another recipe for Grape Jam.
I ain't go that far yet.  Still have more to peel. 
I'll have to compare regular jam/jelly recipes
to freezer recipes to make it work.

The kids had a good first day of school :0)
Of course the bus was late this afternoon.
Was supposed to be here at 2:45pm
and didn't show up until about 3:15pm.
My kids had to tell the bus driver that
she missed their stop.