Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Currently working on making 
three lasagnas, one for supper
and two to put in the freezer.
For lunch we are having leftover pot pies.


Starting to feel really tired and I'm noticing
an achy pain starting in my shoulders
(Crohn's causes joint pain)
Took a couple of Tylenol and might 
go lay down a bit.

I was thinking about making some
pineapple upside down cake
and a scalloped potato and smoked
sausage casserole.  It might have
to wait til tomorrow. 


I laid down just long enough for the tylenol
to kick in.  It seems to be helping.
I got two bookcases and a shelving unit
with glass doors hauled down to the basement.
I still have soooo much more to do in the basement.
I know it won't get done this year but will
have a pretty big dent put into it.
For starters I am running out of room
to put discarded things out under the carport area.
I really need my truck back!!!
The transmission shop has had my truck for
7 days now.  As of last Saturday morning it still 
was sitting in their lot and they hadn't even started working 
on it.  They said they had plans of starting to work
on it Saturday though.  I googled to see how long
it typically takes a transmission shop to 
rebuild a transmission and it said 1-3 days.
Clocks a ticking.  School starts next 
Wednesday and I need my truck to haul
three kids back and forth to the bus stop.
For all you that think that I should let them all
walk to the bus stop you need to think again.
First off the bus stop is located at a busy intersection
with a traffic light.  And second, if you knew the hooligans
that ride that bus that wouldn't hesitate to start a fight
or beat kids up you'd think twice about 
letting these kids walk by themselves.
A kid on this bus stole an expensive cell phone
from the neighbor kid I take to and from the 
bus stop.  It was something that happened on
the bus so it wasn't something his dad had to deal with.
One hooligan being the person I call Troublemaker
that does drugs, fights, in a so called gang and 
steals things from people's yards.
It just dawned on me that this kid is 17 and
in middle school.  Uh, I graduated high school at 17.
Does that tell you anything about him???!!!

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