Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Didn't sleep well last night.
At 4:00am I was awake.  My legs started
getting that achy feeling again making it
uncomfortable to sleep so I got up and
took a couple Tylenol.  Didn't get back
to sleep til about 5:30am.
I didn't post much yesterday because
I can't shake the tiredness.
So here are some photos of
the cookout we had at the pool
at Tony's work with Damien and his girlfriend
and Tony's coworker.
 Damien's girlfriend bought all the stuff
and Damien grilled up some hot dogs for everyone.

 Stopped by Kroger before coming home
to get some of the things that I didn't
get Saturday evening when the bagger didn't
put the stuff in my cart.  Still can't find
my receipt though which pisses me off.
Before heading into Kroger I saw
these cool looking storm clouds
off in the distance.

Here's a couple freebies I got in the 
mail the other day.
Fancy Feast canned cat food and
a Nescafe Memento Mocha coffee packet.

Still trying to figure out what to do about
our truck and the transmission.
We found someone who will do it on the side.
If we take out the transmission and take
it to have rebuilt and then pick it up,
bring it home and put it back in ourself
then it will cost $500.  
But if we have someone remove it from the
truck and rebuild it and put it back in
then it's gonna cost $800.
Plus we have to pay $50 to have it towed there
which I hope we could get reimbursed
through our insurance company because
we have roadside assistance.

Yesterday Tony called an actual transmission place
to get a price quote and they said
to get it rebuilt would normally be $2000
but they must have a sale of some sort
and told him $1800 for a 4x4.

So much for Tony's bonus he's supposed
to get on his next paycheck because
I see $800 going towards getting our truck fixed.


I discovered a Crohn's Disease group on Facebook
last night.  I've been doing nothing but reading
about everyone's experiences for the last
couple of hours.  It helps to know that you
are not alone with this disease and what
other people go through that are just like you
with all the pain.  While I know I have had
Crohn's for the past couple of years 
due to constant diarrhea and 3 trips
to the ER for dehydration,
I was just diagnosed this year after many, many tests.
Even with my daily 2 doses of Lialda
I get flare ups about every couple of weeks
that could last for anywhere from a couple
days to a week or two each time. 


Just got done making a dessert that
I just threw together that sounded good.
Something that even Tony with diabetes
should be able to eat with the low sugar
and low fat.

Cheesecake Pudding Sandwiches

1 packet whipped topping
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Whip up in medium sized bowl and then place bowl in refrigerator.

In food processor add 
8 ounces of cream cheese cut into cubes
(can use fat free),
1 small box sugar free cheesecake pudding mix,
1 cup milk, 
3-4 packets Splenda,
1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice.

Combine everything together in food processor. 
Remove bowl of whipped topping from fridge
and fold in the cream cheese pudding mix.

In a large casserole dish place chocolate
graham crackers into bottom.
Spoon cream cheese cheesecake evenly over top.
Then add another layer of chocalet
graham crackers on top.
Place in freezer til frozen.
Cut along graham cracker sides and into "ice cream" sandwiches.
If you want to make square bars instead of
rectangle ones break graham crackers in half
before putting into casserole dish.

Still so tired and are thinking about
laying back down.  It seems once I stopped
taking the antibiotics the same Crohn's symptoms
are creeping back up. 

Lunch was BLT grilled cheese with
cheesecake pudding sandwiches.

Here is another freebie I got today in the mail.
U by Kotex liner, pad and tampon
along with pretty carrying case.

For supper I'm
frying up the remaining bacon leftover
from lunch and making bacon gravy with it
and putting it over toast and having
with sausage grillers.
Instead of the teaspoon of sugar the recipe
calls for I'm using sugar-free maple syrup.
I'll probably regret eating it later on.


Every time I get a moment I've been reading
what people have been writing about their
Crohn's experiences on one Facebook group
called Crohn's Disease.  
I along with many others agree that the commercial you see 
on tv for Crohn's is way understated.
It's so much more than running to the bathroom.
This group would be great for friends and family
of those who do have it to get a better
understanding at what it is and what people
go through with this disease. 


My honey brought me home two new bottles of
stir-fry sauce and a bottle of caramel syrup
that he found in an apartment today.


Just popped two more tylenol.
I haven't taken any more since about
4:00am this morning.
We have to go close three pools 
and it sucks being out and about
and getting pain and having no tylenol on hand.

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