Thursday, August 16, 2012



Alrighty then, time to figure out how to reorder
prescriptions with our new prescription mail order program.
By the time I figure it out they'll change it on us again.
I was just getting used to the last one.

I think I got Tony's prescriptions reordered.
Who the heck knows if it went through or not.
They have to contact our doctor's office
before sending them.  Let's pray the doctor
doesn't deny them this time like he did last time.
Last time Tony needed his meds and they called
the doctor, the doctor denied them because
doc said he needed to come in for a visit first
which put him behind about 1-2 weeks of having
NO medicine at all!  These are life medicines
which he takes every day, every year for the
rest of his life to control diabetes, cholesterol,
blood pressure and what have you.
He was hurting and feeling the affect of not
having his meds thanks to his doctor doing this to him.

I did find this new mail order prescription company
to be pretty informative compared to the last one.
You can enter any prescription name and it
will tell you how much it will cost through
your insurance company.  I decided to give it
a try and started putting in these three different
prescription options that the digestive doctor gave me
to check out the prices of each.
Well guess what?
Our insurance doesn't cover any of them!!
Now what??!!
I can try to apply for other prescription programs
through the actual companies.
And I'm not sure how this would work
with a mail order prescription plan
or if you'd have to take these prescriptions
directly to a pharmacy.
We are only allowed to fill two life prescriptions
at a pharmacy.  After that you pay full price
or turn it over the the mail order pharmacy
to get a discount. 

These are prescriptions typically taken
by people who have Crohn's Disease
or Irritable Bowel syndrome or other health issues of the sort.
They can be VERY expensive even
with insurance so I'm trying to help
out others by listing these programs below
that I am aware of.

includes these medicines below-
  • CARBATROL® (carbamazepine) Extended-Release Capsules
  • FOSRENOL® (lanthanum carbonate) Chewable Tablets
  • INTUNIV® (guanfacine) Extended Release Tablets
  • LIALDA® (mesalamine) Delayed Release Tablets
  • PENTASA® (mesalamine) Controlled Release Capsules
  • VYVANSE® (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) Capsules CII

I have a booklet with a card where you have to 
call to activate it.  I got this from
my digestive doctor's office.
It says you could possibly get this prescription
for $5 or less and 96% of commercially insured
patients are eligible.

My mail order prescription program will also 
give you list of compatible medicines to 
show you their costs and how much cheaper they can be.
If I stick with Lialda I can save $100 every three months
at a cost of only $191 / 3months compared to over
$330 / 3months if gotten from a pharmacy.
I also saw that there was other comparable medicines
that I could get for under $30 for a 3 month supply.
So will have to discuss these other options
with my digestive doctor.
Sometimes there are generics and sometimes
you can find other medicines that pretty much
do the same thing but might have to take
more dosages of it. 

Crohn's isn't easy to deal with and there
are many foods you should avoid eating.
I made the mistake of eating a salad last night
and are paying the price this morning because
of it with numerous bathroom trips.

I've been trying to get a list together of foods
I should or should not eat with Crohn's.
It's not like the doctor gives you a diet
plan or anything like that.  It seems like
you have to figure it out for yourself.
Some people can tolerate these foods 
while others cannot.  It all depends upon the person.
This is why you should keep a food diary of
what you eat and any side affects or symptoms
you may get after eating certain foods.
This is just a guideline.

Foods to avoid.
1.   Raw fruits and vegetables.
2.  Dairy products
3.  Spicy foods
4.  Greasy foods
5.  High fiber foods such as whole grains,
fruits and vegetables.
6.  Foods with gluton
I had a test done and doc says I'm fine with gluton :0)
7.  Caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate
8.  Alcohol
9.  Foods that cause gas like beans, cabbage, onions, broccoli
10.  Nuts and seeds including peanut butter
or other butters including nuts.
11.   Red meat and pork.

Foods to eat during a Crohn's flare up.

1.  Regular white pasta with olive oil.
2.  Cream of rice cereal made with skim or 1% milk,
soy or almond milk.  Sweeten with pure maple syrup
or honey and cinnamon.
3.  Bananas
4.  Fish and skinned poultry.  Not fried.
5.  Natural applesauce.
6.  Hard cheese like swiss or cheddar.
7.  Skinless potatoes
8.  Yogurt, plain or vanilla.
No fruit in the bottom or with fruits which
can contain seeds.
9.  Soft, cooked carrots
10.  Low fiber cereals like rice krispies,
special K, puffed rice.


I didn't do much of anything today.
My belly was hurting earlier and throbbing,
my head feels floaty and I was having
hot flashes even with the ac on.
Thank goodness we didn't have any visiting
children today.
Me and the kids sat on the couch
this afternoon and watched about 7-8 episodes
of CHiPs today.    I did get a call from my one
neighbor about getting the bus schedule today.
I take her grandson to and from the bus stop
with my children.
This year they have changed the location of the
bus stop thank goodness.  It will now
be located near my mom's house
and not near a busy intersection with a traffic light.

I had a really weird request tonight.
I was outside while Tony was mowing the 
grass and a car slows down.
I thought it was having car trouble
and two foreign guy got out and walked over
to me.  I know they didn't know much English
but proceeded to somewhat ask me if they could
have some grass.  At first I thought,
well we just mowed the grass and we have
none to spare, lol.
Then he points to the pampas grass
bushes along side of the house. 
I was pretty sure they were from the
church down the road because I see
people dressed in the same manor
every day walking by our home to
go to that church. 
He said if I could round up a small bunch
of grass for him he'd stop back by
at 8:00am tomorrow morning.
Not sure what in the world he
wants the grass for but I cut
off a bundle and wrapped it in twine
for him and set it out by the street.
Oh well, I won't understand what my pampas grass will be used for but I did my neighborly thing for the church, lol.


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