Saturday, August 18, 2012



Last night we ended up getting pizza and wings for
supper since it was payday.  I ended up putting
the lasagna back that I had originally planned
for supper back in the freezer.
Minuteman pizza had a decent deal with coupon of
two large one item pizzas (actually
one of our pizzas ended up with 2 items somehow
while the other had just one topping)
and an order of hot BBQ wings for $17.93. 
The two large pizzas were only $13.99 for both.
And then the truck driver neighbor invited our
kids to go to Greaters Ice Cream his treat.
Only one of my kids went.
I spent the rest of the evening watching
the new Gold Rush and feeling miserable.
I had about 4-5 pieces of pizza which
was the rectangular smaller pieces
and ended up with a big bloated belly
for the rest of the night.  At least for 5-6 hours
after eating.  I could not get comfortable at
all with sitting or laying down.  

We won't be getting our truck today.
Supposedly they have taken the transmission
out of the truck and have rebuilt it.
It won't be til tomorrow, Sunday,
that they will reinstall it and we can go
pick it up.

Well I gotta jump off here and start taking
some thing down to the basement from yesterday.
I emptied about 4 of those plastic drawer
organizers out of my closet and are
going to use them in the basement to
store things.  Then after bit we're heading
to Menards to see if we can find some sort
of straps for our Dodge truck.  A strap
broke off the gas tank and the other one
still holding it on doesn't look too good
either with lots of rust.  What is it with
gas tanks lately, lol.  


Got supper going.  I made up a bunch of meatballs
and will have enough leftover to put in the 
freezer for another meal with some spaghetti.

1 pound maple sausge
1 pound deer burger
1/2 small onion chopped
garlic powder
seasoning salt
oregano seasoning
 1 egg
bread crumbs or bread from sweet Italian bread

Mix all ingredients together by hand in a medium
sized bowl.  Scoop out by 2 Tablespoonfuls
and roll into balls.  
Place a wire rack on top of cookie sheets
then place meatballs on top of racks and bake.
 The cookie sheets will catch any grease.

Next cut two loaves of sweet Italian bread
in half then in half again.
Cut a rectangular section out of the tops
of each piece of bread.  
This is where you meatballs will sit.

You can always find marked down bakery bread at Kroger.

For another meal or snack I have
a package of chicken gizzards with some
water and a couple of chicken bouillion cubes
on high in the crock.  Will cook these for about 4 or so hours.
Tony usually boils this on the stove top for
a couple hours.  I suggested trying it in the crock
pot this time around.
Then once done and tender he'll dip in flour and seasoning
and fry them in the skillet.

Here was a photo I forgot was on my camera card
from the other day when I was talking about
the mail order prescriptions and how much they would cost.
I had mentioned that the Humira shots were not covered
by our insurance.  I wanted to show you how
much they would cost without insurance.
Let's hope I can qualify for the Humira 
prescription plan for $5 or less per shot after seeing this!!!!
Because if I can't qualify I definitely cannot afford to have this medicine!!  It's a no wonder my insurance won't cover it.


Meatball subs/boats.

I had leftover spaghetti sauce and 8 meatballs
that I put in a freezer bag for some spaghetti sometime.


I haven't felt the greatest today.
Dizzy spells, shakiness, floaty head,
legs that feel like a jelly fish 
and my thighs are hurting to no end.
I did not do anything or pick up something heavy 
to pull those muscles.
They hurt to walk and to even touch my leg! 
I feel like someone has beat me with a bat!

I had a bowl of cereal earlier
and I tried to eat one meatball sub
while I gave everyone else two. 
Well I ended up having problems eating
my sub and got sick.
Mom thinks I need to go for an endoscopy.
Food gets stuck in throat (not choking and can still breath).
Doesn't go down even when you try to swallow.
If you try to drink something it doesn't help
and only sits on top the food.
Sometimes it will go down if I get
up and walk around but most of the time
I get a stabbing pain in my back between my
shoulder blades and have to throw up
the food  to get any relief.
I have had this happen to me so many times
over the years now I have lost count.

THIS sounds like what I have.

I researched to see if there was a link
to Crohn's Disease and and my problem swallowing
and there is something
called Crohn's Disease of the Esophagus.
which is a rare disease of Crohn's
occurring in less than 1% of people with Crohn's.
 Maybe I'll bring up this subject at my
next digestive doctor's appointment
on October 2nd.   
Knowing my luck I'd be that one than less
percent of people who get it.  :0(


Tony was thinking about replacing the blind in
Jonathan's room.  Jonathan said he would prefer
a shade instead of a blind.  Got the creative juices
flowing and I turned his blind into a roman shade.
I made it out of a full size sheet that I folded
and made the fabric double thick.


Earlier I had went across the street to talk to
truck driver neighbor who was working
on his semi truck fixing some lights on
the rear of the cab.
I had been talking for about a half hour
when his kids came outside and I had taken a couple
steps away from the truck and into his yard to talk
to them.  There's trees and bushes in his yard along
with decorative yard things making it difficult to see certain things
or people even going by let alone to try and even see another neighbor's house just across the side street.  I don't know what made me stand in that exact spot (probably the only spot in his yard to see the neighbor's house across the road)  and what had
made me even glance at the other neighbor's house
when I was in a full conversation with kids and
the truck driver neighbor, but I was glad I did.
I saw the 90+ year old neighbor had fallen and was sitting in
a discreet spot in her yard not visible to many people.
With all the pain I was in I took off running like a bat out
of hell to her.  Adrenaline took over.  
The kids I was talking to had no clue
why I had just stopped talking and took off running.
I can still see the vision in my head of her on the ground,
near the corner of her house and porch
not being able to yell out and her arms stretched out
like a little kid wanting to be picked up.
She was sitting beside a gutter and I know I had squished
the part of it which helps water flow away from the house
with my foot, knocked that piece totally off the 
downspout and uprooted a U-hook which held the
gutter in the ground running so fast to get to her.
You wouldn't think a little ole skinny lady would
be difficult to get off the ground.  I grabbed her hands
trying to get her to her feet.  I was afraid I would pull her
arms out of socket.  I finally got behind her and wrapped
my arms around her to get her to her feet.
She stood there awhile holding onto the side
of her porch lattice and used a large stick as a cane.
We talked for a bit.  I wanted to make sure
she was ok.  I asked if there was anything I could
do for her or finish up for her in her yard.
Not sure exactly what she was doing in her yard
but her water hose was on.  She said she done with the yard.
As she stood there trying to stand for a moment
I felt so bad I tore her gutter apart and was trying
to put it all back together with her saying,
oh honey, don't worry about that.  She's a tough old lady!
I helped her walk to her door and she invited me inside.
I've never been in her house before, only talked outside.
We sat down at her kitchen table and talked and talked.
She ended up giving me her phone number
and I gave her ours.  I just wanted to stay with
her a bit to make sure she was ok.



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