Tuesday, August 28, 2012



I see gas prices are gonna go up soon due
to the soon to be Hurricane Isaac.
The last I read they shut down 39 oil rigs
in the Gulf Of Mexico which produces
I think 24% of our oil.  

My neighbor called me this morning.
I take her grandchild to and from the
bus stop with my boys each morning
and afternoon so she doesn't have to.
I don't ask for anything in return because
I am already taking my boys.
She is insistent on wanting to give me
gas money every couple of months
now to help cover my gas costs.
I told her she didn't have to and 
I did not expect it from her.
Last school year she sent me a $25
Walmart gift card for doing it.

People look at you so funny now a days when you
want to do things out of the kindness of
your heart and don't need paid for things.
Just like those foreign men that wanted
to pay me for some ornamental grass out of
my yard.  They couldn't comprehend 
that they didn't have to pay me for it.
Same thing with the cake I made for someone.
All I really asked was that they cover
the costs of the ingredients I had to buy
and if they wanted to give me more I totally
left that up to them.
It just makes you feel good to do for others.
I may not have a lot of money so
try to do the best I can with paying
things forward.
Yesterday I gave a neighborhood kid,
about 4 years old who will be starting
kindergarten next school year, two
book bags that were filled with 
coloring and preschool work books.
He loved them and was outside yesterday
playing with them.  One book bag he put on
his back while pulling along the other one
with wheels up and down the sidewalk
all evening long.  It was so cute to watch.
I didn't have any bags for his sisters so gave
them each a frilly scarf for this Winter which
they were wearing around their necks 
yesterday like they were some kind of movie stars, lol.



I don't remember repairing electronic devices
in my job description of being a parent, lol.
Well there's a first time for everything.
Gonna give it a try and pray to God it
all goes as it's supposed to.
This is so far out of my league dealing
with teeny tiny screws, wires and whatever
else all those other things are jammed
packed in this hand held Nintendo DSI game thingy.
I'm going to attempt to replace the bottom
screen with a new one.



Supper tonight is pizza.  Didn't think one
pizza would fill everyone so made some
bruschetta on French bread slices found
in the mark down area at Kroger.
I made them by combining olive oil,
garlic, oregano and parmesan together in a bowl.
I then brushed the bread rounds with the
olive oil and placed on a 
cookie sheet.  I took some homemade salsa
a friend at hubby's work gave us and spooned it
onto each piece of bread and topped with
a little piece of swiss cheese and baked
for about 8-10 minutes.

Hubby informed me that on the way home
from work he had to stop and get gas
and it is now $3.95!  OUCH!

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