Sunday, August 12, 2012



Went to the scrap place this morning
and took two 5 gallon buckets of
copper and brass there
and made $61 and some change from it.

We also went to Reynoldsburg.
Had to stop by the transmission shop
to get our chairs and cooler
out of our truck to take with us
to Heath tonight to watch the Mopars. 
They haven't even started on the Suburban yet.
I'm praying they have it done in the next
week because school starts in a week and a half
and I need it to take three kids to and from 
the bus stop in.

Gonna go work in Jonathan's room a little.
We're gonna head out to Heath around 3:00pm.
I was hoping to get Jonathan's room done
yesterday but that didn't happen.
I had to move his furniture around
and I took a cupboard out of his room
that I want to put in the laundry room.
Then came the task of unhooking
the cable, wireless modem and cable modem
and trying to figure out how that all
went back together.  Plus I'm dusting,
wiping off all furniture and walls with
the cleaning along with vacuuming.
So far I have managed to weed out
2 totes of stuff so far to go out.
The other day when doing the living
room I found enough crap to fill one
tote to haul outta here.
That's another reason for needing my
truck back soon.  I am getting a large
pile of totes and stuff accumulating
under our carport at the moment
because I have no way to haul it outta here. 
Just because I have no truck at the moment
doesn't mean I'm gonna slow down with
my Fall house cleaning.

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