Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Oh yeah, off to a really good start to the
first day of school.
Getting the boys up and ready for school
was a breeze because I had everything planned out.
Breakfasts were already made- just popped
it in the microwave for 20 seconds.  Can't get much faster
than that, lol , clothes laid out,
binders and school supplies all packed
and lunch money in pockets.
Left house and picked up neighbor kid
around 6:40am.  Arrived at bus stop
and saw about 4 other kids there.
Bus drivers have no clue.
We had about 3 buses stop and ask
what school the kids went to.
The bus is supposed to be here at 6:55am.
A bus, off by one number that we were told
would pick the kids up,
finally showed up for their school
at almost 7:30am!!  And it was still
making stops down the road after picking up from our bus stop.
Hellooooo, school starts at 7:30!!
This is my one son's first day of middle school.
They are already stressed out as it is
being at a new school and having
a new schedule.  Now he's going to school
on the first day after school has already started.
It's a good thing I feed them breakfast in 
the mornings because they would have
no time at all to eat it at school. 
These buses should have GPS in them
with each route put into them for
all drivers!
I hope it goes much better tomorrow!

Here are some more photos from the apartment
fire just up the road from us.
It's from channel 10tv.
Not sure if the children who lived
there attend our kids school or not
since it's close by.  The Red Cross has taken
all the children who has been forced to live
in temporary shelters to the bus stop this morning.
I just couldn't imagine having only minutes to grab
your most important belongings and being
forced to leave your home never to return to it.
We drove by the place yesterday and
was able to get back in there to see the front side.
Might get some photos this evening to
show what it looks like now.  It's bad! 
Here's a news clip I recorded to show
how bad it was.



Got a load of laundry in the washer & dryer
and got a load hung up.
Got supper going in the crock pot.

Teriyak pork chops with chinese veggies over rice.
Something I threw together that sounded good. 
Just guesses as to how much of each
ingredient I put in the crock as I just
"threw" it in there, lol.

-1 package boneless pork chops ($1.64)
-1/3 cup crushed pineapple (.10 cents)
-1/4 pineapple juice (from the canned pineapple)
-1/4 cup soy or stir-fry sauce (free)
-worcestershire sauce (free)
-dash of ginger (free)
-tablespoon or two of brown sugar (free)

Once cooked shred or cut up chops, stir, then add in can of chinese veggies to warm through.

Serve over rice.


Last night I gave the boys each a hair cut.
Nothing like doing something at the last moment.
It's been about 2 months since their last hair cut.
Looking a little shaggy, lol. 
They are 11 and 12 years old and have
never been to a barber or had anyone
but myself cut their hair.

It's only 9:40am and I'm so ready to go 
lay back down.  My stomach is in an uproar,
churning and gurgling and the body is
starting to throb.  Not sure if it is because
of the stress and worry of back to school or what.
Going to pop a tylenol or two to see if it helps. 



I spent some of my afternoon before picking
up the kids peeling the skins off concord grapes.
I'm thinking about making freezer jelly with them.
You take the skins off, add them to a food processor
with 1 cup of sugar then add them with the
grape centers in a pan and let them boil
with another 2 cups sugar and lemon juice.
Once done then you strain out the seeds
and skin.
Here's another recipe for Grape Jam.
I ain't go that far yet.  Still have more to peel. 
I'll have to compare regular jam/jelly recipes
to freezer recipes to make it work.

The kids had a good first day of school :0)
Of course the bus was late this afternoon.
Was supposed to be here at 2:45pm
and didn't show up until about 3:15pm.
My kids had to tell the bus driver that
she missed their stop.

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