Friday, August 3, 2012



Don't know what my problem is.
I was awake at 4:30am this morning.
Too early to be up watching the news, lol.
Oh yeah I'll pay the price for it later on.
Here in the next hour we'll be heading
out to catch a few yard sales.
Should've looked yesterday to see what the
temps were gonna be today before asking
everyone if they wanted to go.
It's supposed to be something like
96 degrees today with a heat index 100 degrees+.


Back from yard saling.
Here's some things I got-

large metal spiral plant stand. $1.00
Perfect for holding all my Hydrangea plants I have.
Or I might put potted Petunias on it next year.

A hat rack for all our ball caps and work hats. $2.00
Tony can never find his hats!

 Rechargeable battery operated screw driver .50 cents.
Putting back for Tony for Christmas.

4 Disney glasses .25 cents each.
I already have two of these and they
are the perfect size and thickness of glass for kids!

 Adidas tennis shoes for Jonathan $2.00.

A summer top for me .50 cents.
Plastic reusable cup was free. 
Package of vent filters .25 cents.
Top secret recipes book .25 cents.

 Nice hardbound cookbooks were .10 cents each!
I know I had bought more cookbooks
but I think mom took them home to browse through
because I also remember a Fix it and Forget it cookbook.

And I also got a tree trimmer for $1.00 
No photo.
Needed something to trim the trees with
and to get the ropes down out of one
tree that we made a swing out of but
the rope has frayed and needs replaced.


Well I got laundry started and got
8 small cabinets moved around in the basement.
These cabinets used to be for my pantry.
I have since moved everything over to the
homemade shelves I built between the
studs along the one wall in the laundry room.
All 8 cabinets are now in the largest room
of the basement that will be used
for a play room and living room area.
 I would like to make a seating and storage
area out of them along the back walls
on the one end of the basement.
Kinda like this but make them out
of the small kitchen cabinets like you find
above the stove or fridge that have doors on them.
I have foam mattress toppers that I could
cut up and use to make cushions out of
and cover with cheap flat bed sheets.

I have three flourescent double bulb
ceiling lights in this large room.
I thought about finding some 
mirrors at Tony's work and making
them look like faux windows and to
help with reflecting the light more
so it doesn't look so dreary.

I still have a LONG ways to go with the
basement and getting it cleaned out,
organized, painted and getting carpet put in.
So right now I am only dreaming of some
things to do in there to get me motivated.


Got three boxes of stuff hauled out of the basement.
Not quite sure I know what to do with it
at the moment since I usually start packing
the Suburban up with everything that goes out
and the Suburban will probably go into the shop
next week.  Can't stop working on the basement
because of it though. 


Toy Story 3 is on Disney channel.
Got it recording on the DVR.

Just got back from Groveport not long ago.
As far as I know someone will be coming
to tow my truck to Reynoldsburg on Monday.
Took everyone to McD's for a cheap supper.
Now my stomach feels bloated again.
I know I didn't eat much. We got the 4 McChicken
and fries deal along with 3 drinks (me and hubby share one)
and 3 sundaes.  I didn't eat all my fries
or sandwich and gave the rest to the kids.
I just have the feeling in my belly like
I'd gone to a buffet and overstuffed myself
when I didn't.


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