Tuesday, August 21, 2012



will start accepting manufacture coupons soon!
Woo Hoo!
Here are some guidelines to uses those
coupons at that store-

  • Only 2 LIKE coupons will be allowed per transaction.  (examples- 2 coupons for crest, 2 coupons for Hunts tomatoes, 2 coupons for betty crocker cake mix)
  • Coupons that give you a free item when purchasing a select item will not be allowed.  (buy 1 get 1 free coupons or coupons that say if you buy a certain item and get another different items with it free.  For example buy a toothpaste and get dental floss free)
  • Only 2 internet printed coupons per transaction.
  • No retailer specific coupons -- so they won't accept CVS or Target coupons or anything like that.
  • No BOGO coupons will be accepted.
  • No overage will be given on coupons if the value is higher than the shelf price.  (if something is .50 cents and your coupon is for $1.00 then the cashier will only apply .50 cents off to get the item for free.  The other .50 cents will not be applied to your transaction at the checkout.)
  • No Free Product Coupons -- either printables or newspaper coupons!
  • No coupons that require the cashier to write in the amount on the coupon will be accepted.  (these are usually coupons that are for buy 1 get 1 free or a coupon that is for a free item)  

Tony told me yesterday that his coworker
is going to pay me $15 for my
Better Than Sex Cake I'll be making for him
for his birthday.
It will have cost me $5.27 to make
so I'll profit $9.73 from this :0)



Just got home from taking mom and the kids
to check out the apartments that caught fire.
I guess 12 hours later they were still
putting out hot spots and still have some roads closed.

This was the area we were standing at last night
behind the apartments on fire.
 You can see two air conditioners on the
top of the building on the left and one single
one on the right.  Last night there was
two other air conditioner along side that
single one.  Before we left the scene 
those other two ac's not seen today was
on fire and starting to lean and ready to crash through the roof. 
There was a hook and ladder over the roof
of this area and some of the major flames were coming
up through the area by the single air conditioner

Stopped by my insurance office to
submit my tow truck bill.
I was amazed that they cut me a check
right then and there.  The lady now said
they have changed the roadside assistance plan
and now we call a number to have someone
come out to help and we do NOT have
to pay ANY money up front like we just did
with the tow truck.  Unless of course
you need gas or some other extra expense.

Even though the rebuild of our transmission was
expensive we still saved LOTS of money
by having it done by friends.
It would have cost anywhere between 
$2000 to $2500 at a typical
shop that does transmissions.
We called other places to see what they would
charge so that's how we know how
much it could of been.
Our cost to have the friends who work
at this one transmission shop do it on the side
after hours along with towing...
A savings of 
$1,264 to $1,764  !!!!!!

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