Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Last night I stopped in Kroger.  I had Tony
drop me off by the front door while I ran in
to get some pop for the rest of the week.
There was absolutely no carts available!
Think the first of the month with people getting food stamps.
I had to get a basket to carry 6 two liter
bottles of pop in.  I get to the express checkout
and plop the basket on the conveyor.
It felt like a ton of bricks!  The cashier rings them up
and starts putting them in single bags.  I ask
if she could double bag them considering
there was no shopping carts and I have to carry 
them out to my car and worry that the bags would
break from the weight of the pop.  She looks at me and repeats
what I said, "there's no carts?".  
I almost had a Bill Engval moment and wanted to tell her,
"Yeah there's carts, I just wanted to get a little
weight lifting in today and opted to pick up a basket
instead of a cart to carry 6 two liters of pop in,
Here's your sign!"
Oh my word I am paying the price for it today.
My arms and backs of my leg muscles are hurting
from carrying that weight yesterday!

We also stopped in Roses.  
I found some bed risers in there.
They only had one pack of them in the entire store.
I wasn't even sure if they even carried them
so considered myself lucky because I didn't
really feel like driving to Walmarts to find some.
Today I'm hoping to put a set of the
waterbed drawers I found at Tony's work
underneath Christopher's twin bed.
It will only have cost me $8.00
to turn Christopher's bed into a captain bed!
Something I could of never afforded to buy.
They run about $400 to $600+ new
and $200+ for a used one.
A captain bed aka a chest bed or a cabin bed,
is a bed with drawers or storage built underneath.
So there's a savings of $192 to $592! 

I'm not sure if I can use the second set
of waterbed drawers under my other sons
bed because he has a futon so it got the
wheels spinning in my head.
I can use that second set of drawers under
my couch to store movies, video games
and what not or I could use it to build
a pedestal to put under my top load
washer and dryer and have the drawers
underneath to store laundry supplies.

Last night before bed I was checking
out my .10 cents yard sale slow cooker cookbook
called Fix It and Forget It.
I was thinking about firing up three crock pots daily
and making some freezer meals to stock
the freezer with.  Tony doesn't understand
why I would want to cook three supper meals each day.
After this last go round of having a major
flare up for about 2 weeks with Crohn's
I had a hard time with even wanting to get
out of bed to make meals.  Everyone ate
bologna sandwiches, hot dogs and ramen noodles
during that time.  I want to be able to stock
the freezer with some more nutritional homemade
meals that way should I get sick again
all someone would have to do is pull a 
container from the freezer that just needs
warmed up.  It helps to plan ahead
for times like these!


Our friend just showed up with the tow truck
and hauled big bubba aka the suburban away.
I have figured up the total cost of towing
with the costs to have our transmission
rebuilt with parts and labor and wanted to share with y'all
how much we will be saving by having and knowing
friends that are in these types of businesses to help
cut our costs down.
Tony called another transmission place to get
a price quote to get the transmission
rebuilt on our 4x4 Suburban.
4x4's are more expensive typically.
They told him it is normally $2,000
and that did not include the towing of the truck
which normally would have been $114.
($60 to hook the vehicle and $3.00 per mile)
So a total of $2114.00 it would have been!!
Our price we are paying...
$736 and that includes the towing!!
While that is still very high for us
we will be saving a total of $1378
for knowing people!!!!!
That my friends is a lot to be saved!!
And no coupons were needed, LOL.


I saw this on Facebook on Apartment Therapy's page
and thought it was too funny.
It's a rug you put by your front door to
help you remember things.
The funny part is that every single work day
morning I ask Tony,
"do you have your phone, wallet and
his utility knife" that is needed for work
and hooks to his belt.  It had gotten to the 
point he was forgetting these items so
I made it a daily routine to ask him
if he had these items when leaving for work.


Got the bed risers and drawers put under the bed.
Had to remove everything from under bed
and vacuum up a few dust bunnies first.


Lunch of hot dogs then back to work
in one of the kids rooms.
Tearing everything out of the closet
and already have a large tote full
of stuff to go out and are working on another.
If toys and things of the sort don't fit on the
closet shelves or under the bed shelves
then it's outta here!

I'll work on pics later on of the progress I make.
At the moment I can't get my card reader
to work on this computer and will
have to change over to another computer
to upload photos. 


I think I got done with Christopher's room about
an hour ago.  I tore out and went through EVERYTHING!
Top, bottom, over, under, inside and out.
I ended up with 3.25 totes of stuff to get rid of.
When there is less there is no mess.

Before putting the drawers under the bed.

During tearing the room completely apart.

After a thorough, getting ready for back to school, cleaning.

The white shelves are not going to be in the closet.
I plan to move it to the laundry room.

On the back of the bedroom door there is
a shoe holder.  I use it to store hats, gloves and scarves.

Just got supper made and put into the oven.
Tony is working late tonight til 6:00pm.
I made tuna noodle casserole.
I felt that one bag of egg noodles wasn't enough
so I put in a box of mac and cheese with it.
I then added cream of mushroom soup,
the package of cheese powder
and a can of tuna and milk and put it in a greased
casserole dish.  The I wanted a crunchy topping
so scoured around to see what I could find.
I had a bag of non seasoned cornbread stuffing.
I added a couple tablespoons butter into a pot
then added a cup or so of stuffing and a little water.
Then added in garlic powder, onion powder,
seasoning salt, parmesan cheese and crushed french fried onions
and sprinkled over top the pasta.
Then to keep the top from being too crumbly
and falling apart when serving I sprinkled
a little shredded mozarella cheese on top of
the crumbs.


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