Monday, August 27, 2012



Got some spaghetti sauce going in the crock pot.
2 cans mushroom flavored spaghetti sauce ($1.18),
1 pound ground deer burger (free),
splenda (.05 cents),
onion powder (.01 cents),
oregano (free),
garlic powder (.02 cents)
spaghetti ($1.00)
Will serve with spaghetti and meatballs
I had in the freezer that was leftover
from meatball subs and bread & butter.
Any leftover spaghetti & sauce
will be put in the freezer for another meal.



In another crock I added the concord grapes
I had prepped along with some lemon juice and sugar.
I'll let this cook on low
for about 10 hours.
Then I plan to strain the grapes,
add in the pectin to the juice and put into
recycled plastic peanut butter jars
and put in the freezer which will
last up to a year.

Earlier this morning I started chopping
up all my bell peppers, banana peppers
and a couple other hot peppers
to make salsa with.  Why do I need reminded to wear
rubber gloves when doing this?!  Burny Burny!
Another day though
as I'm doing things little by little.
I still have some tomatoes that need
peeled and chopped up.
I'll also add in some onions and celery
along with a packet of salsa mix.

I saved all the seeds from the peppers from the garden
and have them drying in little 
tupperware type bowls I got from one of the dollar stores.
Good seeds to save from your garden
are ones from beans, peppers and tomatoes. 
After drying seeds put into freezer for a couple days to kill
off any pests then store in a cool, dry place.



The Better Than You Know What Cake
I made must of been pretty darn good.
I knew ahead of time I was getting
$15 to make it for this guy.
Tony just called to say the guy threw
in an extra $5 tip, so $20 for my dessert!!
Woo Hoo!  That made my day.
I tweaked the dessert a little to put
my own signature touch on it.
Instead of just putting cool whip on
top of it I did a mix of cool whip and
vanilla pudding with a chocolate cake on the first one and on 
this recent cake did French vanilla pudding
with a Devil's Food cake.
I think if I made another one I would
like to add a little coffee flavor to
the chocolate cake.
This is the dessert that originally
won the Spring dessert contest at
hubby's work.  Funny things is that
I haven't really gotten the chance to 
even try this cake (other than maybe
a bite while sampling it at the contest)
to even enjoy what it may taste like.

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