Monday, August 6, 2012



Been back working in the basement this morning already.
I took all the Winter clothes I had hanging up and
folded them and put them on a bookcase shelf
to store them.  I did this because I was running 
out of hangable space and hangers.
I still have two laundry baskets full of
Winter clothes to go through and put on the shelves.
At the moment I only have one bookcase for
these items but plan to add another in the near future
once I can get it moved into the storage room.
On the top shelves are seasonal clothes 
and bottom shelves are all blankets. 
Each shelf is organized per each person's clothing.
In the Winter I'll hang all these clothes
up in the closets and put all the Summer clothes in
their place.

And wouldn't ya know it I had my
light fixture in my laundry room take a crap.
I noticed the bulb in it flickering yesterday.
This morning I tried 3 more flourescent bulbs
and a regular bulb in it only to have it do
the same flickering thing and make a buzzing noise.
For the moment I drug a pole lamp in there to use.
  It does not put off
nearly as much light as the ceiling fixture did.
Hoping Tony can find me a new fixture
and install it for me.


Got the second bookcase slid into
the storage room and got most of the
Winter clothes put on it.
I still have one basket of my Winter clothes
to put on it along with any other blankets I find. 
Are hoping for an extra shelf or even
the tops of the bookcases to put
any of Tony's extra weekend seasonal clothes on.
90% of the time he wears work uniforms
which are kept in the closet.
I managed to fill another large box
with stuff including any clothes that I thought
looked too small for the boys.

I just sent away for this freebie-
Free sample box of Honey Nut Cheerios.
I like these little boxes of cereal to
give to the kids for a snack.


Holy crap!
My child and another child were outside in the
yard looking to see if they could find any more
damages or clues of the kids that broke into
our shed and the garage behind us.
I knew the kids more than likely accessed our
yard by jumping the neighbor's chain link fence
in the alley then jumping our chain link fence
between the two yards.  What I didn't know
was the damage they could do with a set of
bolt cutters on a chain link fence.
Look at what they did to our neighbor's fence!!!
I think at first they were going to try and rip
out boards from our privacy fence because
I found a damaged board on our fence.
This is getting absolutely crazy especially knowing
all three of the kids stealing and breaking into
places are the ages of my children, 
maybe even younger!!!


I am currently waiting for our friend to show
up with the tow truck to pick up our Suburban.
Not even sure how long it will be gone to be worked
on but will have to be on guard while it is gone.
It will look like no one is home without our
vehicles in the driveway during the day.
This is when they strike because they
know what cars we drive.
The kid I call Troublemaker has passed our
home twice today looking like he is up to no good.
I have no idea if there is any link between the
three kids last night and him.


I find it a little funny that the Troublemaker
kid would instant message me on Facebook,
something he NEVER does, 
and just up and ask,
"Did one of yalls bikes get stolen"
I told the kids-
DO NOT respond, talk to, look at or
be around this kid whatsoever!! 

Still waiting on the tow truck.
Good thing I'm not broke down somewhere huh.
I went back down to the basement
and got the rest of me and the kids Winter
clothes put away along with all my extra
blankets.  I look so organized now...
yeah right.  It's a start.
Ya know the saying "if it fits it ships"
well my saying is
"if it don't fit it ships!"
If things don't fit on the designated
shelves then something's got to go.
I have weeded out a large box of clothes today
along with a comforter.


Well the tow truck never showed up today.
Tony called him and he said he'd
be here tomorrow morning.
It sure would of been nice to have received
a courtesy call to let us know he got
behind today.  I could have gotten more things
done instead of being on the look out
for a tow truck to pull up that never did.

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