Sunday, August 5, 2012



Today I'm working on laundry and going 
through more things in the basement.
My saying is this,
It's easier to throw out things than it is to 
find a place to store it all. 
I'm trying at the moment to set up
designated areas for certain things.
-Kitchen supplies
-Seasonal clothing
-Books & Magazines
-3 to 4 large totes of Barbie stuff
I have collected over the years.
Once I can get these areas set up 
then I think things will go a little easier for me
because right now they are all in my way,
some mixed with others.


4 loads of laundry almost done.
Got 5 boxes of stuff ready for the trash
and hauled up out of the basement.
Also decided that we won't be using
an over the stove microwave that's been
down there for 4.5 years!
Need to haul that out also.
Got some things moved around in 
my storage room so I can try to add
a couple more tall bookcases.
This is what I want to use to store
blankets and seasonal clothes on. 
Just going with the flow while I feel good.
I never know when to expect a Crohn's flare up
and it could happen at any time without warning.
I do have a digestive doctor check up
appointment this coming Wednesday.


Still in the basement.
Got another box of crap hauled out.
Been working on clearing a space
to move a couple of bookcases into 
my storage room. 
The tow truck is supposed to come
sometime tomorrow to pick up my truck.
I am hoping they have the transmission
rebuilt in about a week and it'll be ready to go.  
I really really need
my truck at the moment for hauling
all this crap outta here!
For the moment I'm gonna have to use
some of the carport area to store junk
boxes until I get my vehicle back.
So fair warning.  You come to my house,
don't use the driveway, use the front door for now!


Damien stopped by around 7pm with his girlfriend.
We decided to all go to the pool.
Before we left and I was walking out to
the car to put pool stuff in the trunk I noticed
three kids hanging out on the side street
that I had never seen before.  They looked
to be the ages of my boys maybe younger.
My one child even said he thought the
one kid went to his school.
I'm making several trips from the house
to the car watching these kids and notice
they go sit beside the neighbor's garage
behind our house.  It looks like they light
up a cigarette and are smoking it
and they are sitting on the ground facing the 
direction of the backside of our house.
I didn't get a good feeling about them
and neither did Tony.  We really did not want
to leave but already had made plans to.
I tell Tony to get in his car parked by the side
fence and act like he was leaving and me
and the kids were staying home and told him
to go around the block and pick us up out front.
He yelled bye to me and I did to him so the
kids out back staring at us could hear us.
He left and I acted like I was doing something 
in the yard then went in the house.
I wanted them to see that it looked like
someone was still home.
Well we should of went with our gut instinct
because that whole act didn't work.
We came home around 9?pm and found
the lock on our shed cut off and 2 bikes stolen.
The police left our house after doing a report just now.
Those kids were seen on the security camera
only 15 minutes after leaving making the first attempt
at using bolt cutters to cut the lock off the shed.
They did not enter the yard through the gate but
once again jumped the neighbors fence to get
into our yard.  It took them 6-8 times of messing
with that lock and getting spooked by something
before they finally cut it off.
A couple times they were so spooked the jumped
on the hood of our blue trans am
and hurled themselves over a 6 foot wooden fence!! 
And of course someone in this household
didn't set the cheap alarm on the shed door.
I think if it was set and had gone off
it would have scared them off permanently.
It pisses me off and disgusts me to no end
to sit here and watch the recorded security
cameras to see it all take place.
I even found out that they cut off the lock
to the garage at the neighbor's house
behind us but didn't steal anything.
While I met the owners for the first time
today I don't think they live there just
yet.  Only stop in to work on the place.

I knew we should of just stayed home
tonight.  When your gut instinct tell you
something you better listen to it!
It's probably right.
Even the cop said to listen to your instinct.

Well while the bike criminals were not caught
the theft of my tomatoes has been solved, lol.
As the cop was walking around our backyard
in the dark with his flashlight he says,
is that a possum?  I said where?
He shines his light on him again and I say,
there's the little stinker that's been stealing my tomatoes.
He puts his hand to his side on his gun and says,
you want me to get 'em, LOL
I said yeah he's been stealing my tomatoes.
He was only kidding and we watched as the 
possum slowly waddled around the fence
and into the alley area.

I told the cop that the thieves have been 
coming into the yard over the chain link
fence and what can I do to keep them out.
I don't have money to buy more wooden
privacy fence to do that area of the yard with.
He told me if it were him he would put
barbed wire along the fence.
I said isn't that illegal?  I read online
that it was if you were intentionally setting
a trap to hurt someone even if it was a burgler
that it was and even the burgler could sue you.
He still made it sound like I should do
it so will consider it.
Might as well run it along the tops
of the privacy fence after seeing these
kids jumping over that this evening.
They even went as far as standing on top
of our trash can out by the side street, in the daylight ,
out in the open,
to look down to see what was beside the 
fence and shed area! 
How would they even know what was in that area
to look there.  You cannot see anything back there
from the backyard or side yard.
I think someone may have tipped them off
of where we keep things.

I asked the cop if I saw our bicycle what should
I do if someone is on it.
Can I just go knock them off to get it.
He said no don't knock them off it.
Just go up and grab and hold the bike
til they get off.  Yeah right I say,
if they are running around with bolt cutters
and breaking into places, then what's to
say they aren't carrying weapons on them.
Then he said I should call the police instead.

Hmmm, so I cannot knock them off MY stolen bicycle
which will do little damage to them
but I can put up barbed wire to keep them
out of my yard that will tear the hell out of them.
Just doesn't make sense.

I gotta go to bed.
I'm still wound up but gotta get some
sleep.  It's 12:21am.

Oh yeah, didn't expect my evening to turn out this way!




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