Monday, August 13, 2012



Getting a slow start this morning.
I actually went back to bed after Tony went to work.
Still trying to wake up.

Today I'm going to finish up Jonathan's room.
Not much left other than vacuuming and
changing his sheets and blankets. 
Going to fire back up the one crock pot
with the chicken pot pie filling in it.
I tucked it in the fridge last night
and just now took it out to come to
room temp before placing back in
the crock pot base.  The veggies didn't
get as tender as I would have liked
so today I'll add a little bit more water
and cook it for a couple more hours.
I might also work on getting 3 lasagnas made.
Mom just stopped by and gave me a can
of kale.  Said she got it at the store thinking
it was spinach.  I don't even know what the stuff
is so I googled it.  It's a type of cabbage.
I thought about maybe putting it in one of
the smaller lasagnas.   
Then I'm gonna scrounge around and see if I
have any canned peaches to make
the gingerbread peach crumble in a crock pot.

Free sample of Downy's Unstoppables.
I got one :0) 


Got my chicken pot pie filling going in a crock
and also got the gingerbread peach crumble
in another crock.
Grease the crock pot and add in 2 cans
of drained, chopped peaches.
I saved the peach syrup in a container
and put it in the freezer.   You can use this
syrup in place of water in things like cakes.
I then added in a tablespoon or so of butter,
1/4 cup of brown sugar, a sprinkling of
pumpkin pie spice and a teaspoon of
vanilla nut butter flavoring.
I then sprinkled the remaining gingerbread
cookie mix leftover from making the
gingerbread apple crumble on top.
I set the crock on low and will let it cook
3-4 hours removing the lid to the crock
the last hour.

After doing all that I started going through
my bakeware and pans and put the ones I don't
use all the time into a tote to take to the basement.
I have two bookshelves in my storage room
that I plan to store all pots, pans, 
small appliances and kitchen items
on that I don't use all the time to free up
some space in my kitchen cupboards.

After my mini break I plan to take my 
Shark electric floor mop steamer 
(found at a church sale for $5.00!)
into Jonathan's room to the carpet and his
bed to freshen it up then get his bed made and 
tidy up so I can be done with that room.
Then would like to work on getting the one area
in my storage room set up for the overflow
of kitchen items.

Tony went to (or maybe he called)
Goodyear today to see how much they would
charge us to remove a tire from a rim and
redo the bead around the rim because it's losing air.
The tire is off the truck and in Tony's trunk.
They told him $25.  I don't think so.
I'm sure we could get this done cheaper somewhere else.
So tonight we'll take it to Lee's Used Tires
and see what they say.  We've been going there
for tire repairs and used tires and haven't had any
problems with them and their prices have
been much better than Steve's or Sandy's Used Tires.
We just noticed yesterday that the Steve's Used Tires
at Karl and 161 is no longer there considering
there is a for rent sign on the building.


Today for lunch I made
leftover pita pockets filled with tuna salad,
pickles, cheese and lettuce.


Moving in slow mo today.  Feel so tired and drained.
Got Jonathan's room done, thank goodness.
And I got the chicken cut up and put into
the veggies for the chicken pot pie filling.
Was going to work on the no roll pie crust
but seem to be really low on flour
and don't have quite enough.
May have to give mom a ringy dingy
to borrow some flour.

I'm so hot.  Between crock pots going,
cooking and steaming the floor and mattress
I'm sweating.  I broke down and closed all
windows and had to turn the ac back on. 

Tony told me the other day that a guy
at his work wants me to make
him my Better Than Sex Cake
and he would pay me for it!
That was the cake I made for
the baking contest at Tony's work
and won first prize but they took that
away from me and awarded the second
place winner with it because they never
specified that a coworker's wife couldn't
make the dessert and have the husband 
take it to work and enter it in his name.
Totally sucked and was unfair but hey
it may have landed me a little side job :0)
So at least I feel I got something out of it.


Tony just got back from Lee's Used Tires.
It cost $10 for them to remove the tire
from the rim, grind down around the rim
to get a good seal and bead.
Goodyear wanted $25 to do this
so we saved $15.


It sure would be nice if schools 
would send out notices by way of mail
to let you know things.
What if I had not been home tonight to
get the recorded phone call about middle
school orientation.   They are only giving parents
less than a day's notice about the upcoming
orientation tomorrow at 6:00pm.
One week before school starts and I have
yet to receive even a bus schedule
and it's not just us as I have asked around
the neighborhood.
I did manage to find an online school
reduced and free lunch form that you can fill
out to get qualified.  You get a much quicker response
about qualifying this way rather than sending
in the form to the school.  If your child got free
or reduced lunch last year then they get it for
the first 30 days of school while you reapply

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