Thursday, August 23, 2012



Had a somewhat better morning with the bus.
It was only 10 minutes late today compared
to yesterday at 30-35 minutes late.
It's all understandable to be the first couple
days of school and everything from
classes, school to bus runs are new to everyone.
The bus driver missed their bus stop in the afternoon
yesterday and tried to get them
to get off at another stop.  I don't think so.
If parents are waiting and expecting their
children at a certain time or stop
then that's where she needs to drop them off at.
There's too many weirdos out there
that prey on children for the bus driver
to start making up her own rules. 


8:00 - 9:15am

I finished taking all the skins off
the Concord Grapes.

I then added a cup of sugar to the food processor
and added 1/2 the grape skins.
I did two batches of skins this way.

Once the skins were pureed I poured them
into a metal bowl (no plastic as this can stain).
Then I pureed up the innards of the grapes
and added them to the grape skins in the bowl
and stirred altogether.

This made roughly 8-10 pounds which will
later on be boiled down with more sugar, strained and pectin added
to start making jelly.

I got supper prepped.  All I have to
do it throw it in the oven this afternoon.

Deer Burger Meatloaf.
2 pounds deer burger
1 can tomato soup
1 packet onion soup mix
seasoning salt
1 egg
seasoned bread crumbs

For the top I mixed
brown sugar and ketchup in a bowl
and spooned it over top the loaf
before baking.


My youngest son purchased a Nintendo DSI
from a neighborhood kid for $5.00.
He's been saving his money up
in a piggy bank.
It does work but the bottom screen is white.
The touch pad seems to work but nothing
shows on bottom screen.
These DSI's go for $100 to $150 new
and about $50 to $60+ used
and that doesn't include shipping.
I got him (awaiting for it to arrive)
a replacement lcd screen with tools
off ebay for under $10.
Well it didn't really cost me anything
as it was free money I made by doing surveys. 
So are hoping that this replacement screen
fixes it and that will be the best $5.00
my child spent on a hand held game system!!
Well almost the best, lol.
A couple years ago we found a Gameboy Advance Sp
with charger, case and games for $7 at a yard sale.
Teach them to save money, make use of what
they have by using their creativity, be able to fix things,
and to find bargains while they are young! 
Because they can use this knowledge 
when they are older and moved out on their own.


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