Friday, August 10, 2012



I got so busy yesterday with cooking
and cleaning that I didn't have time to
get back on my blog.  By the days end
I was just ready for bed and had some extreme
pain going on in my right "hip" area.
It was the area between my hip and tailbone
and are not sure what to call that area.
It felt like two jagged bones rubbing together
when I walked.  This pain usually has
occurred on my left side but this week
it has made it's appearance for the first
time on my right side.

I spent almost an entire day yesterday
putting things together for two crocks
and working on a thorough cleaning, top to bottom,
of my living room.
 I had made an Apple Gingerbread Crumble
dessert in my crock and it turned out so yummy!

In the bottom of a greased crock I added
about 4-5 small, peeled, cored and chopped apples.
Then I mixed in 1/2 cup sugar
and 1/4 cup brown sugar,
2 teaspoons cinnamon & 1/4 cup butter.
In another bowl I mixed together with a fork
a packet of gingerbread cookie mix,
a couple tablespoons butter, a little bit of brown sugar and about 1/2 cup of oatmeal.
I sprinkled half this mix on top of the apples
and baked about 4-5 hours on low in the crock.
For the remaining hour I removed the lid
to the crock.
I drizzled caramel sauce over top
when serving.
 The leftover crumble I put in a zip freezer
bag and put into the freezer for when
I want to make this again.

Yesterday when cleaning the living room
I went ahead and put a set of twin waterbed
drawers underneath my couch.
I put all our movies and games in these drawers.
I plan to glue some black fabric around
the bottom sides of the couch like a dust ruffle.
When you have a small home you find
ways to add extra storage.  By doing this 
I eliminated a bookshelf in the living room
creating more open space.

Yesterday while out checking on the garden
I discovered what looks like a
small start of a Rose of Sharon shrub underneath
our pine tree in the back yard.
While I had at one time thought about
getting one of these plants, I did NOT 
get or plant any in our yard!
I have a suspicion that my neighbor's 
Rose of Sharon shrub/tree had somehow 
dropped a seed from across the street
and over our 6 foot wooden fence!
And how in the world it did it is beyond
me but that's the only tree like it I see nearby.
Maybe it was from the birds, squirrels or 
even the wind.   I wonder if there is
a way I can dig it up and transplant
it in another area of the yard because
they can grow to be quite large.

Here is an example of a Rose of Sharon fence
I found on the internet.

Today it says 80% chance of rain
and temps only at 74 degrees!
I'll take it, lol.
I've finally shut off the air condition last night
and opened the windows.
This weekend looks to have some
great temperatures too.
That's a good thing considering
we'll probably head out to Reynoldsburg
tonight and to Heath tomorrow afternoon/evening
to check out all the Mopars from Mopar Nationals
this weekend.

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Decisions, decisions.  Wondering what
room I should clean today.
It's either gonna be Jonathan's room or 
the dining room and closet storage area.
I'm leaning towards the kids room.


The other day when I visited the digestive doctor
he stressed that it was necessary that I
quit smoking that smoking can increase some
of the symptoms I am having with the Crohn's.
I've tried nicotine gum which I think I still
have some somewhere around here.
It was ok.
It helped some.  
Today I saw on Facebook that FIN
electronic cigarettes has an offer that
I'm gonna try as I have been wondering
about the electronic cigarettes. 

If you got to FinCigs today
and buy a $20 refill kit
you get a starter kit for free ($30 value).
Just enter the promo code "FREE KIT"
after you have added both items above
when checking out.
You also will get free shipping
with Fed Ex 5-7 day shipping!

Each refill cartridge is equal to 25 cigarettes.
Each refill pack has 14 refill cartridges.

The starter kit comes with a usb charger,
rechargeable electronic cigarette
and 7 refill cartridges.

WebMD claims that it helps some
people who use these electronic cigarettes
to quit or reduce smoking.

For a savings of $30 I'm willing to
give it a try.

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