Sunday, August 12, 2012



I'm so tired.  Just got up at 10:30 and 
feel like I could've slept another hour or so.
Our Heath trip wore me out.
We left about 3:30pm and
got there about 4:30pm
and stayed until 9:15pm.
 It wasn't as crowded as last year
probably due to the chill in the air
and the rain.  Anyone expect rain?
We sure didn't.  We watched the weather
this week and it didn't say rain for yesterday.
We did have a couple hours of
no rain to be able to watch the cars.
But the first hour or so after getting
there it had some showers and the 
ride home was pretty much nothing but rain.

Today we need to run to Menards to
get me a light socket for the ceiling
of my laundry room.  The one I had went
bad and started buzzing and causing
the bulbs to flicker.  It shouldn't cost too much.
Maybe a little over $3.00.
And I also need to stop in Kroger and grab
a few things for this week's meals
and then a trip to the tire place up the road
to get a tire repaired on the Dodge truck.
I think either the bead needs redone on the
rim and possible the air valve replaced.
Then I'm gonna work on getting Jonathan's
room finished today. (hopefully)
Oh, I didn't tell you about the incident from Friday.
It was me and the boys here Friday afternoon
when I hear a horn honking and look to see
a rickety old pickup at the end of our drive sitting
out in the street with two black guys in it
staring hard down our driveway at our home.
I watched the security cameras as I had no clue
who these people were and didn't expect
anyone to come over.  It kinda scared me.
You get that feeling when you have people
breaking into sheds, garages, cars and houses
around here stealing things. 
I was hoping maybe they had the wrong house
and would go on.  But I see the driver get out
and walk over to our trash can up along
our fence by the house and lift up the lid to
look inside.  He then walks over to our
basketball pole and starts to tilt it sideways
like he was gonna heist it and put it in his truck.
The scaredness was overcome with adrenaline
and I was pissed and ran outside to confront him.
He tells me, "I was honking the horn for you to
come outside to see if the basketball pole was trash.
I assumed it was because it was sitting next to
the trash can."  I said,
"listen here mister, I don't who you are,
but I am assuming you are a scrapper,
and after having a lot of break ins around here
don't expect someone to come running outside
to strange men honking in a truck!!!
Then because I don't come outside you take
it upon yourself to assume that our basketball
pole is trash because it sits beside a trash can??
I said where in the hell do you think kids play basketball
at, in the grassy backyard?, no in the driveway or
street.  DO NOT come into my yard and help
yourself to things and assume they are trash.
If something is sitting directly along the road
and looks like trash then it probably is.
But DO NOT walk into my yard to take things!!!!"
By that time I had noticed a cop car sitting
in the church parking lot just up the street
where they usually sit at times so I had felt a little
safer outside confronting these people.
I think they caught wind of the cop too because 
they left soon after and I have not seen
them or that truck back here.
I am pretty sure he would have taken
our basketball pole if I hadn't gone
outside and confronted him. 


I just got done putting three meals into my crock pots.

Crock Pot #1

Buffalo Chicken.
1/2 bottle mild buffalo sauce $1.25
4 chicken leg quarters $2.20 
2 teaspoons better than boullion chicken paste- free

Serve on tortillas
(I am using Pita Pockets- .79 cents)
with lettuce and
ranch dressing .50 cents

or .39 cents each serving

This is something Jonathan had requested
because he saw the August recipe on my Betty Crocker calendar.

 Crock Pot #2

Filling for Chicken Pot Pies

4 chicken leg quarters $2.20
3-4 carrots peeled and chopped .50 cents
3 potatoes chopped up .50 cents
1 small can of peas with water .39 cents
1/2 of an onion chopped .25 cents
basil & oregano seasoning- free
onion powder .01 cents
salt & pepper .02 cents
1 tablespoon chicken better than boullion paste- free
2 packages sausage flavored gravy mix $2.40

Once everything has cooked I'll cut up the chicken
and return it to the crock with the vegetables.
Then in a pot will make 2 packages of
country sausage flavored gravy and mix
it into the chicken and veggie mix.

Then in another bowl mix together the ingredients
for a no roll pie crust and press into 
mini pie pans, fill with chicken and veggies and bake.
Not sure how many this will make until
I make them.


Crock Pot #3

Lasagna Spaghetti Sauce

1 pound of deer burger- free
1 can of tomato sauce- .39 cents
4 packets Splenda- .10 cents
Oregano seasoning- free
onion powder .01 cents

Don't know how much yet to make
three lasagnas as I haven't got that far yet.

Now that I've got three plus meals started
it's time to eat a frozen pizza for lunch.
Then after lunch I'm heading to my son's room
to finish cleaning it.

And Tony thought I was nuts for buying the third
crock pot, lol.  Wish I had yet another one
because I was thinking about making
a Gingerbread Peach Crumble dessert
just like the one I made the other day
with apples only this time using canned peaches
and the leftover gingerbread crumble topping.

Running full speed while I feel good because
I know it's a matter of time the Crohn's will take
hold and knock me out for a week, maybe two.


So close to being done with Jonathan's room.
Today is day three of working on his
room on and off.  It's much bigger than
the other bedroom I did.
I'm wore out already so see it was
a good thing I got three crock pots
going because by days end I'm whipped
and don't feel like standing in the kitchen cooking. 

Oh goodie, I just got informed that we are also

going swimming today on top of the other places
to go, cooking and room cleaning.
And people wondering why I am ready
to pass out by day's end. 


Sitting down and eating some grub.
The buffalo chicken pitas turned out pretty good.

 Before supper we went to Kroger.
Didn't end up going to Menards and as
for the tire places, they were all closed.
While we only went into Kroger to pick
up a small amount of items I splurged
and bought the kids two new bed pillows.
They had a two pack of pillows originally
priced at $12 marked down to $4.00.

Oh yeah, when shopping please do not let your
kids push the carts or if they do push them
DO NOT walk in front of them!
Or this will happen to a heel or two. 
I'm sure you could've heard a few curse words
come out of my mouth loud enough to be heard
an isle or two over!
It's pretty swollen, scuffed and got an instant bruise.
I had sandles on.

I limped outta the store!

On the way to Kroger I wish I'd of had my camera.
This one foreign lady was walking down the side of
the road and she had a big bag of groceries
balancing on the top of her head, no hands to hold it
and no hands carrying anything else.
   It was like I was watching something
off of National Geographic.   
Jonathan found a you tube video from three years
ago from the mopar street cruise in Heath, Ohio.
While cops there don't mind if you do small burnouts
people will egg you on to put on a show with much
larger ones which could cause the cops to pull
you over and site you a ticket.
What the crowd does is they will raise money
for people who do perform these awesome burnouts
and give the person who is pulled over enough
money to cover the cost of their ticket.
While we were there last night there was a couple
people walking around the parking lots
with buckets and a megaphone asking for
donations for people to do burnouts to
cover the costs of the tickets.
Check out how many people go up to that
truck and start throwing money in the 
passenger window to cover the cost of his ticket.
Do not go to Reynoldsburg to watch the Mopars
cruise Brice Rd.  It sucks over there anymore.
The happening place is Heath on Hebron Rd.
by Giant Eagle.  We've been going for two years
and have been impressed both times.

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