Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Already working on supper for this evening.
I sliced up 2 packages of smoked sausage
and put them in a bowl with about 
1/3 cup mild buffalo sauce
to marinade.
Later on I'll make up the ingredients
for scalloped potatoes and layer
the potatoes with the buffalo smoked sausage.
Might make a double batch of
this so I can put one in the freezer.
You will want to bake the scalloped
potatoes first and allow to cool
before putting into freezer. 
I'm trying really hard to make double or triple
batches of meals when I can to stock the freezer.
Those meals are nice to have especially
when you are too tired to cook
or don't feel well.  It saves you from the 
temptation of wanting to eat out
costing you more money in the long run.

For breakfast I made 2 Minute French Toast in a Cup.
 This would be great for school morning breakfasts
since it's so quick and easy and done in the microwave.

I made every one some chicken patty sandwiches for lunch.
I'm hoping that eating lunch helps with whatever is wrong
me today.
I'm really tired, shaky, weak and get dizzy spells
when walking around.  I about fell over just
going out to get the mail.   
I knew it would be a matter of time before 
the Crohn's would sneak up on me again.
I have been trying so hard, going full speed around
here to get things done before it did.
I tried to lay down a little this morning but that
didn't last as neighborhood kids were knocking on
our door wanting to come in and play.
I let them in for a little bit and then just shooed them out
at 1:00pm for lunch and because I don't feel good.
I know the kids don't understand and probably
think I'm the biggest meanie at the moment.
They'll get over it.
I started to go through stuff in my dining room
and get it tidied up.  My dining room is also my
office and computer area.  So it's a multi purpose room.
Gonna have to put it on hold for the moment
because I need to go lay down before I keel over.
You just don't know how frustrating Crohn's is.
One day you feel fine and full of energy
and the next you feel like you've been beat up
and can hardly do anything.
I want so bad to get my dining room, kitchen and 
bathroom totally cleaned up with a major clean up
and tear apart before the kids go back to school.
 I want my house back to normal, a
place where I can relax while the kids are at school
and to also prepare for Winter with dusting and cleaning
to help reduce any colds and things of the sort.


Well I didn't get a nap in.
Two more children came over to play with the kids
and I figured why not push myself to 
make up two buffalo smoked sausage scalloped potatoes.
I feel like a walking zombie.
But I got the potatoes made and in the oven.
I did a layer of potatoes, a layer of sausage,
two layers of potatoes then poured a mix of 
heated milk, melted cheese,
onions, mushroom soup, garlic powder & seasoning salt 
and then placed a few extra
sausage pieces and buffalo sauce on top.
One I did in a aluminum casserole tin.
I lined it with foil.
Once done I'll pop this one in the freezer then
once frozen I'll pull it out by grabbing the sides
of the aluminum foil and wrap it up with more
foil and store in the freezer.  
By doing it this way I am not using up
all my casserole dishes in the freezer.
Then when I want to use it I'll unwrap
it and put it in a glass casserole dish to bake.

UPS man just came with my electronic cigarette
and refills.  Time to give it a try. 
Let's see how long I can go with this
before wanting to smoke a real cigarette.
Want to see if it'll fulfill the need for the nicotine craving.


Gillette Venus had a free razor give away on Facebook
just now.  They were limited to the first 1,000.
Amazingly I was able to get one.
They were all out by the time I went to
sign up to get mom one though :0(
So far I have managed to get 7 nice free razors
from Facebook.  They are not cheap to buy.
Ones with replacement cartridges run $8 to $10
on up.  So figure I have gotten $70 worth of razors for free.

This week I got these freebies in the mail-

Good Housekeeping magazine,
Cosmopolitan magazine,
Hot Rod magazine,
Nescafe Momento packet.

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