Thursday, August 2, 2012



Just got my bills done and in the mailbox.
I even got two more doctor bills
worth around $100 paid off
since I was $100 less than what
I usually pay for regular bills for the month.
Regular bills meaning 
all utilities, house & credit card
which I pay a little more than what they ask
so I can try to get ahead on it instead
of paying only the interest with the minimum payment.
Don't use it anymore.  Only got it to
get our credit rating up when we bought our house.
Now trying to figure out where in the world
to come up with $850 to have my truck
towed next week to Reynoldsburg
to have the transmission rebuilt.
$50 is for towing which I hope I can
turn into my insurance company and
get reimbursed that money.
I have $180 stashed away that's left
from selling a scrap car.  Then I have
$58 from scrap metal.
Tony has another bucket of scrap metal
at work that we can take in this weekend.
Hoping that'll bring another $50
to bring my total to $258.
Then the balance of $542 will have to come
from his bonus. 
Another plus I just realized was that there
will be three paychecks for the month of August
so that will help lots! 


Today's freebies I sent away for-

Gotta love those freebies!
They make great stocking stuffers
or gift baskets. 



Breakfast is pancakes.
The  directions called for adding milk
so I added chocolate milk

and added in a teaspoon of vanilla, butter and nut
flavoring as well.
Then served with a vanilla spice syrup.


Tony just called on his way home
from work to say that gas has gone up
to $3.89 a gallon.  This is getting crazy.
No one seems to know why it shot up.
Good thing the Suburban is out of commission 
at the moment.


Back home.  Took the kids swimming for
a few then hung out for another few at
our friends til it was time to close the pools.
Me and Jonathan went walking around
the complex to see if we could find anything.
We found a snow shovel.  Left it at Tony's work
because we couldn't fit it in the car this evening
with all the swim stuff.  I'll get a photo later.
It's hard to describe or find a picture of one.
The blade is half circular is about all I can 
say about it.  Never seen one before like it.
And we also found some flood/work lights
on a telescoping pole that works.
Had an offer of $10 bucks for them already.
Not sure if I'm selling them just yet.
I thought they would be useful to work on a
car with at night if need be.
Would love to somehow hook to a motion
sensor and see how many people attempt
to sneak in our backyard with these bad boys
shining on them, lol.

Heading to bed soon.  Taking mom and the
boys to some yard sales tomorrow morning.

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