Sunday, August 19, 2012


Getting a grocery list together for the week
and trying to quickly plan out a menu for the week.
Here's what I came up with-
-Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and corn
-tortilla pizza roll ups
-Sloppy Joes
-Hawaiian teriyaki pork with chinese veggies over rice
-Baked pork chops with french fried onion and parmesan coating with mac & cheese and stuffing
-Breakfast casserole with hasbrowns, eggs, cheese, sausage
-Spaghetti with meatballs 


-ham, egg and cheese on a roll sandwiches
Plus I have to make a Better Than Sex Cake this week
for a coworker of Tonys.
And other things on the list of to do's for today-
-give both boys hair cuts
-get Christopher's booster shot for 7th grade
-and see when or if we get our truck back today 


Back from the store and Walgreens.
Didn't end up getting Christopher's shot, maybe later on today.
Figures when we went to Walgreens the clinic wasn't open
due to them being on lunch.

Got lots of deals at Kroger with mark downs,
Kroger coupons and freebie coupons.
Kroger sends me coupon booklets all the time.
I had one or two from previous weeks
and they just sent me three more one day last week.
Sometimes they'll give you coupons for free items.
3 boxes Kroger doughnuts marked down to .59 cents each.
I kept one out and put the other two boxes in the
freezer for school morning breakfasts.
Kroger large eggs- FREE
Big K 2 liters- I had .40 and .50 cents
of every 3 bottles bought.
Which made them .72 and .76 cents each.
1/2 gallon Kroger chocolate milk
marked down to .99 cents
I was planning to get 2 cans of spaghetti sauce
knowing they were around $1.00 each.
When I saw some on clearance for .57 cents each
I stocked up and bought 6 large cans.
Kroger Tortillas with .40 cent coupon
was cheaper than the FMV brand.
Kroger frozen rising crust pizza on sale
for 3 for $10.  .70 cents coupon on one.
Made it $2.64.
When not on sale these can run $5 to $6 each.

Digiorno Pizza for one.
Was $3.49
was free with coupon

Kroger 16 ounce cheese slice $1.88 each, got 2
had two .40 cents off coupons which
made them $1.48 a 16 count pack.

Bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans marked down To $1.49.
I get these for Tony to keep in his car
at work if he starts to get shakes
from having low blood sugar.

Bottle of Kroger Ranch with bacon salad dressing
was $1.50
Free with coupon

100 count bottle of Kroger ibuprofen
was $2.48
Free with coupon
 Package of 4 apple danishes
marked down to .49 cents.
Bag of red shredded cabbage
marked down to .99 cents
Plus I got any additional ingredients
I needed to make the Better Than Sex Cake
for someone at Tony's work.
While I find mark downs for ingredients
I went around the store and wrote down
how much the regular price is for them.
I will then submit this to the person
who wants to buy this cake I'm making for their birthday.
I will ask for the money for the cost of
the ingredients at regular price then
leave it up to them as to how much
they want to donate to me for making them the cake dessert.
Most of the time I would end up making more
than what I have asked so that is why I do it
this way.
Sweetened Condensed Milk
reg price $1.70
I paid .49 cents
2 Heath bars 
I paid $1.80 full price
Chocolate cake mix (Kroger brand)  
$1.29 full price

1 small box pudding mix
.49 cents full price

Caramel syrup
Gonna guess at $2.00
I paid nothing for it.

3 eggs 
.39 cents regular price
I paid nothing
Cool Whip Kroger brand
$1.00 full price

1/2 cup oil 
my guess .25 cents
cost me nothing
1 teaspoon vanilla
.05 cents regular
1 cup milk
.15 cents regular price
So I'll be making $2.85 off the ingredients
plus whatever he pays me for making this cake.
I had Tony call the guy working on our truck to
get an update around 1:00pm.
The guy said he would be on his way to the shop soon
to get the transmission put back in the truck.
And that's all I know at the moment.

Well it's almost 3:00pm
and I need to head back down to the basement
to continue working on laundry.  No fun.


Went back to Walgreens and got Christopher's
booster shot before school starts.
It's required by 7th grade students.

We just got home not long ago.
Mom and my step-dad and all of our gang
went out to Reynoldsburg so we could
pick up our Suburban.
Tony drove it home while I still
played chauffeur and drove my parents
back home in their vehicle.
Tony said the Suburban drove so much
better and didn't have any problems.
I'm just happy to have my trucky back home!  :0)
It's been gone for almost 2 weeks.

Too tired to do the boys hair cuts tonight so 

will definitely will have to do them
and the rest of the laundry tomorrow.

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