Friday, August 17, 2012



Oh my word.  The two foreign people just stopped
by to get the bundle of pampas grass
I cut for them.  And do you know they
were going to pay me $10 for some grass?!
The one gentleman says, "I pay you for it."
and started to pull a $10 bill out of his wallet.
I had to argue a little with him that he
did not have to pay me for the grass, lol.
I couldn't take the money.  I told
him we'll just end up cutting them down anyway.
Heck if he comes back in the Fall or Spring
I'll let him have about 7 or so entire
bushy grass bundles from cutting them down.
He can haul them off for free!  LOL. 


Well I have spent my day cleaning my dining room
and coat closet.  We don't really use it as a coat closet.
I use it to store my office, computer and school supplies,
bills, paperwork, coupon fliers, coupon binders along with
carpet cleaners, brooms, mops and steamers,
and whatever else may get thrown
in there.
I have managed to weed out two totes,
a trash can and a trash bag of things we no
longer use and all kinds of paper work
and old bills to coupon fliers and ads.
I'm totally out of totes and boxes
to weed out anything else with.
I desperately need my truck back to start
hauling all this crap outta here
and have got my fingers crossed that 
tomorrow it will come home and
be in working order. 
I realize we had lasagna earlier this week
but I just don't feel like making any supper
from scratch tonight due to all this cleaning,
weeding out, dusting and organizing, so in the oven
went a lasagna.  We'll have salad and
butter bread with it. (no salad for me!).

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