Thursday, August 9, 2012



I watched outside as the storm was coming.
Storm clouds looks so eerie when
they approach.  I went around and opened up the
windows to air the house out some with
some cooler temps that came with the storm.
It made it 75 degrees in here.
I upped the air conditioner to 78 so if I hear
it kick on that's when I'll close the windows.
The kids were asleep until we had about
4 lightning strikes that sounded like
they were right on top of us.
Very loud!!  Should've seen how fast
the kids jumped up outta bed, lol.
Will get pics posted when I get a moment.

Gonna try to do what I can today around the
house.  My goal for the next couple of days
is to do Jonathan's bedroom, living and dining room
and the kitchen with a thorough cleaning
and getting rid of stuff. 

Getting ready to have breakfast of
leftover fried sausage and potatoes
from a supper we had earlier this week.
Then for lunch we will have leftover tuna casserole.

Was thinking about what I could put in
some crock pots for some meals.
I have been going through my
Fix-It And Forget-It slow cooker cookbook.
I'm only on page 90 out of about 250
pages and have about 20 or so recipes marked already!

This will go into one crock today from that book.
I don't have beef broth so will use
beef boullion instead to make the broth.

In another crock pot I want to make
this recipe-
I have some apples that need used up.


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