Friday, August 24, 2012



Me and mom went out for breakfast
around 7am this morning then
went to yard sales and the thrift store.

Yard sale finds-

Solar powered shed light $1.00.

Starbucks cake pop kit .50 cents.
The Clapper new in box. $2.00.
Has two plug ins to work two different things.
I'm using this in my bedroom because me
and my honey both climb into bed and forget
to turn off the light and argue who's
gonna get back outta bed and turn it off, lol.

 A bunch of printer paper .50 cents for all.

Wooden bill organizer with pull out tray $3.93.
Thrift store find.

Haley's cleaning hints book .90 cents
thrift store.

Plus I got Christopher about 
4 polo shirts and 2-3 shorts for back to school
from the thrift store.
Some were half price.


Stopped in Dollar Tree tonight to pick up
a pack of 9 volt batteries (2 in a pack) for $1.00.
I guess tomorrow we're taking the kids
to swim at the beach and they want to
take along the metal detector which needs these batteries.
While in Dollar Tree I had my notebook and paper
and jotted down any brand names of items I could
find.  The reason for this was because I heard starting
next week Dollar Tree is going to start
accepting manufacture coupons.
I wanted to have a list to know what kind
of brand name items they carried so
I could try to match them up to any coupons
that might come along.
I think I might make a new tab at the top
of this blog that says Dollar Tree
with all the name brand stuff I found there
to help others to match up those coupons.


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