Thursday, February 2, 2012



Here is my latest idea that went into my Idea Notebook.
When you have a small home you always think of ways
to stretch the storage space around it.
So my next idea is a shelf back splash.
It wouldn't take up much space as I'd like it
about 3" or so wide or about the width of
a soup or veggie can and it would sit
between the cupboards and counter.
and between the stove hood and stove.
You can store pantry items
like canned goods or spices on it.
If you didn't want to view the items,
thin doors could be put on the fronts.
I have googled this idea and can't find
anything on it so would have to wing it
if I made it.



Supper tonight is something I just threw together.
Chicken & Pasta Bake with sweet Italian bread.

Ingredients & directions-

Boil and drain pasta. Add a little butter.

I used rainbow salad twirl pasta 2 boxes($1.38)
Who says it has to be use just for pasta salad!
It has tomato and spinach pasta in it.

Combine the below in a saucepan over med-low heat.

1 can cream of chicken soup (.25 cents)
1.5 soup cans of milk (.25 cents)
1/4 block of Velveeta cheese ($1.00)
leftover bacon chopped up (.50 cents)
1 can peas (.29 cents)
sprinkling of garlic powder- free
salt & pepper- free

Cut up chicken nuggets.
Stir into soup mixture.

1 pkg chicken nuggets ($1.25)

Spoon everything into a casserole dish.
Top with bread crumbs. I then poured
about a half soup can of water around the
edges of the casserole so it wouldn't
bake and be so dry. This will give it
a little moisture. Bake for about
15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Italian bread crumbs (.10 cents)

Serve with bread & butter.

1 sweet Italian bread loaf (.45 cents)
butter (.05 cents)

This is a double batch.

2 meals @ $2.76 a meal.

This is how most meals are made in my home.
by just throwing things together.
I shop the mark down bins and areas of the
store. I then have to figure out what
I can make with the items I have bought.


Tony's been painting the inside of the rental
office at work. He asked me tonight if I would
have any need for some paint they would have leftover,
5 gallons of one color and 5 gallons of another
color a little lighter. He said it was an expensive
paint they got from Sherwin Williams and goes
on with one coat so I'm thinking it probably
has the primer in it. But anyway I told him
to bring me home all the leftovers because
I could use them to paint the basement.
Based upon the dried paint I saw on his work
shirt, lol, the color closely resembles this-

or this one which is a sherwin williams paint color.
I do not know the actual color name just yet.

Free is good and I'll put it to good use.
Tony worries that the color might be too dark
for a basement. I said no worries, I can do
a two tone wall with the darker color on the bottom.
Something like these colors using the golden
brown on the bottom and a camel color on top.

The walls in my dining and living room are
done in camel so I have a little bit left
and still have a paint chip sample if I need more.
I get a discount at Sherwin Williams using
Tony's work discount.

Now I'm not saying I'm ready to start painting
walls anytime soon because I am not.
But at least now it will be an inspiration
to get me to work harder. I am only one
person cleaning out and organizing an
entire basement by myself!! Then we will
get free beige colored carpet from my hubby's work.
They pull out half way decent carpet and padding
from vacant apartments and I plan on recycling
some of that to use in the basement.
Then I'll find me or make some floor to ceiling
curtains for each end of the basement.
By doing curtains that tall will give
the illusion that the ceiling is higher.

Wanting to do up this basement as cheaply as possible!


For the past year or so me and Tony has wanted
a large wrought iron clock to put on our wall
in the dining room. We've seen them for $50
on up so obviously it wasn't in our budget.
Here is an example of a wrought iron clock.

I got the idea to make my own the other day.
I found this wall clock below at the thrift
store for $2.99. I like the Tuscan theme
so the wine bottles were perfectly fine
with me being on this clock. Plus the background
color goes well with the camel wall color.

Now you ask how do I plan on making this clock
into a wrought iron looking clock???

Check out Suzy's Sitcom web page
to see how
she turns toilet paper rolls into faux iron
work art for her walls.

I want to use this same technique around the outside
of the clock to make it look like scrolling
wrought iron.

Then I would like to use the same craft
and make some faux wrought iron corner
brackets for the kitchen doorways only
I think I would do them white instead
of black since all the wood trim is done
in a creamy white.

But these projects will have to wait
til I get enough toilet paper or
paper towel rolls collected to do them.


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