Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday mom took us all out for Tony's birthday
to Texas Roadhouse. Can you say, mmm mmm good!!
Me and Tony were so stuffed considering
earlier that morning we went to Tee Jay's.
I had a Half Yard, half of a Barn Yard Buster.

Today I'm chilling, taking it easy.
The house is quiet again. Well almost, lol.
I wanted to fire up the sawzall but need a heavy
duty extension cord. There are two very large,
heavy duty, homemade shelves in our basement
that was here when we moved in. I want to move
them around and in order to move the one I need
to cut off some of the four posts sticking
up at the top. Where I want to put the shelves
is a vent and I can't move it under it without
cutting the posts.
I have been getting so many ideas off Pinterest
and jotting things down in my idea notebook.
This will be so helpful when trying to clean
and organize the basement!
Check out my Pinterest Boards here to get some ideas for your home and crafts.
I think I spend more time on Pinterest now
than any other website!



The truck said the outdoor temperature was 60 degrees!!
Can you believe that for January in Ohio!!


Got the 4 posts sawed off the shelf.
I'm half deaf now, covered with saw dust
and have saw dust in my eyes. Couldn't
help it as I had to hold the sawzawl
above my head to get to the posts.
It's a start. Now I can move it to another
wall. Won't be today though as there
many more items to move away from it
just to be able to move it. Soooo much work
to do to the basement!! One day in the future,
and I ain't saying the near future, I would
love to get to the point of putting in carpet
and painting the walls and making it look
like a rec room down there. Right now
it is the wreck rooms!


Supper tonight- teriyaki chicken, rice & veggies.
I was going to make it the other day but we ended
up having something else.

Boil minute rice in water mixed with soy sauce. (free)

Boil veggies in saucepan, drain. ($1.50 mark down)

Cut up package of cheap chicken nuggets
into strips.
(kroger extra value is $1.25 a package)
Stir a little teriyaki basting sauce
onto the chicken strips.

Layer onto plate-
rice, veggies, teriyaki chicken.

serves 5 @ .55 cents a serving.


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