Thursday, January 26, 2012



I have spending a lot of time on Pinterest
getting ideas for the house. I have lots
of ideas already posted for different types
of home storage that are really neat!
Come check out my Pinterest page with all
the storage ideas I have found.

I am sooooo loving Pinterest!!
Any ideas I found before I would have to
bookmark and then they would get lost with
all the bookmarks I have and nothing
was categorized. Now when doing
searches and finding things of interest
or projects or recipes I would like to
make I can pin it to Pinterest and keep
it all in one place making it much easier
to access and go through. When you
"pin" a picture it also attaches the
link of the website of where it is located.
But oh SO HELPFUL for getting ideas of
how to organize a home, crafts to make,
recipes to try, gardening, home decor ideas,
you name it.


Here's an idea I came up with-

I have empty diaper wipe containers and I think
I'm going to start using one to put rolled
trashed bags in. Would make storing and using
them so much easier.
The wipes were in a container similar to the one
below only a little wider.


For supper we are having breakfast.


1 dozen eggs $1.29
leftover diced ham .83 cents
leftover tomato .25 cents
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese .75 cents
I have some small baggies of frozen
onions & celery with seasoning that I got after Thanksgiving
marked down pretty cheap. It was a huge tub that was used
for making stuffing so figured why not throw
it in there as well. .10 cents
1/2 container of mushrooms .30 cents

I will serve some potatoes fried in Italian dressing
along side of the omelettes. - $1.00



Here's another storage idea I had and posted
on Pinterest.
Check it out here. It's for those who
have small homes and need extra storage
space like I do. I don't have a craft or
sewing room and have to drag things into
the living room when working on a project.
I thought I could make a hide-away craft "room"
under the basement stairs. This could
also be used as an office space.



Here's a video I just did for all you NASCAR fans out there.
NASCAR season is just around the corner!
If you wonder what beeped it was the preheat on my
stove from where I was baking a few cookies.



Everything is starting to look up somewhat.
Yesterday I found out I don't have to pay $600
towards my colonoscopy and it was only $245.
Monday I paid off 2 different doctor bills
from the money mom gave me. That was $610 worth.
Today the billing company returned one of
my checks saying that the bill has been paid!!
For some odd known reason the two bills I paid
were two different amounts, off by about $33
between one to the other. I thought they were
two different bills because of that and don't
know the reason for the two different amounts
but anyway I looked a little further and they
each had the same account number meaning they
were the same bill. They took the payment
for the lesser amount one and returned
my other check for the higher amount one.
So this whole ordeal saved me $339.
Add that to the $245 saved from the colonoscopy
and that's $584.
And you are not going to believe this but
I just got my emergency room bill today from
my recent St. Ann's ER visit and it was $578.
(it would have been $4370.00 without insurance)
The money I have saved from the colonoscopy
and the other doctor bill can now be applied
to pay off the hospital bill.
What I am trying to say is I thought I was going
to have to pay $600 colonoscopy, $628 for
the 2 doctor bills and the another $584 for
the hospital bill for a total of $1812.00.
And now I am only paying $1112.00.
A difference of $700 that can stay in the bank
or some can be applied to smaller doctor bills!
I have been totally freaked out about paying
all these doctor bills and now knowing I don't
have to pay as much brings me some relief.
I still have forked out a big chunk of change
though last year and the start of this year though
but the doctor bills are starting to dwindle down.
It's taken me awhile to get back on track
and are finally starting to see a light at the
end of the tunnel!!


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