Sunday, January 8, 2012



I have been reading that The Bag (sales ads that
come to your front door) has McDonalds coupons in them.
Many buy 1 get 1 frees. I have not got mine yet
to check it out. And remember those coupons
that came last week on Wednesday in the sales
ads in the mailbox for Burger King. These don't
come along too often for either place so
take advantage of them.
I can't afford nothing more than something from
the dollar menu at either place and it's nice
every once in awhile to splurge a little more
and get something different. Sandwiches typically
go for $3 to $4 sometimes higher so why not
get them for pretty much half price when you buy
two with the buy one get one.



Boy the pager seems to be working overtime this weekend
for Tony. I know he got about 5-6 hours Friday,
6 hours yesterday and already this morning he's
left to go on a no heat call. And I don't remember
what other after hour calls he's gotten throughout
the week. Hopefully his work will let him keep
all the overtime instead of sending him home early.



Making up some brunch/lunch.

I had a partial bag of potatoes that I needed to use up.
Got them cut into small cubes and boiling in a large
pot of water. Then I cut up an Italian sausage into
small pieces and have them frying in a skillet.
Once the potatoes are done I'll throw them into
the skillet with the sausage and fry up with
a little Italian dressing. Next stir in about 4 eggs
to the mix and stir til cooked.
Serve with shredded cheddar cheese on top
and hot sauce :0P



We made a run over to Tony's work to drop off some
extra trash we had that was overflowing the curbside
trash can. Off all the dumpsters on the property
we pulled up next to one with some goodies in it!
I'll post pictures under the tab of Freebie Found
at the top of the page later on.
And the Christmas mark down pics will be posted
in the Store Deals.

I found TWO! complete wooden twin beds. Both solid wood
and heavy along with a few extra boards.
These will work perfect to make the benches I have
been wanting to make. I have from now til Christmas
to work on them so no rush. HERE are instructions for
making headboard benches.

I also found a Walmart bag of stuff in it, brand new,
WITH the receipt!! These items cost $26 and change
and never even made it out of the bag since bought
at the store and ended up in the trash!
The following items were in the bag-

-2 boxes of white Christmas lights
-3 pkgs of On Demand hooks
-boys gift bag
-pkg of puffy paint pens
-6 Christmas stockings

We also found these items below-

-brand new, still in sealed wrap, package of floor mats
-camping chair with bag

Any who, we also stopped in Kroger on Henderson
since it wasn't far from Tony's work.
They now have their Christmas items 75% off.

I got these items below-

5- sets of potholders, 2 in each set .37 cents each
5- matching kitchen towels .37 cents each

These will be put back for Christmas gifts.

10 pot holders/towels @ reg price of $1.48 each is $14.80
I paid $3.70 for all 10
a savings of $11.10

I also got these mark downs-

1 pound rolls of Bob Evans sausage
was $3.00
paid $1.49

and a package of beer brats
was $4.62
paid $2.19

This next deal I think was marked wrong.
This package of round steak weighs more
than 1/4 of a pound for sure. It says
$5.69 a pound BUT the whole package
only cost $1.48! I know it had to of
weighed at least a pound.
This was NOT a thinly sliced cut of meat!
I wanted to get some cube steaks which
to me were expensive. Once I saw this package
of meat I knew I could cut it up and pound it
out to make my own cube steak for much, much less!


Oh yeah, I also found out today that my brother
got us another deer! Woo Hoo! That's 3 deers
this hunting season.



Country fried steak with gravy biscuits and corn.

I was able to get 7 cube steaks from the round steak.

-round steak ($1.48)
-1 pkt sausage flavored country gravy mix ($1.29)
-1 can of corn (free)
-butter (.05 cents)
-can of biscuits (.50 cents)
-seasonings (.05 cents)
-flour (free)

Total cost to make $3.47
serves 7 @ .46 cents a serving



Tonight is hair cut night. I got one kid's
hair cut and he's now in the shower.
One more to go.

I haven't felt right today. I think the medicine
I'm taking is starting to mess with me.
Not even sure I could explain how it's
making me feel. My stomach is feeling weird,
almost like it wants to act up and start cramping
but it doesn't. While the last couple of
days I've done good with not so many bathroom
trips, today almost seemed like it was going
back to the way it was. My head seems a little
fuzzy/dizzy as well. Tony says that's normal though, HA HA!!
I've been taking my meds
like I'm supposed to, a total of 7 pills a day.
Kinda sucks when you are taking it for just one thing.
If I was still on the Pentasa it would have been 12 pills
so I consider myself lucky.
Oh well, I'm trying to hang in there with all this crap.
But with 9 warning labels total on my meds it makes
you wonder what in the world is in them!

I haven't even unpacked the rest of the stuff
out of the truck yet. Think I'll do that tomorrow
and get the pics posted then of my finds.
So proud of the headboards and foot boards
I found and to find two sets with extra boards
for the seating area on the benches and even
more boards for any trim areas. I know I would
have loved to have found some before Christmas
to make the benches as gifts but since I found
them after I can spend more quality time on them
and try and do them right since I have almost 11.5

Some things, when you want them, you need to have
patience for. Eventually you'll run across
something that is more in your price range.
Have patience. If it's not a need then
wait for it to become affordable and take the time
to shop around even if it's for many months.

Well I am off here. My stomach doesn't feel the
greatest doing flip flops.


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