Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Sitting here with my note/sketch book trying to get
a game plan of how to redo my storage areas in the basement,
mainly my freezer storage room, laundry room and the nook
area at the bottom of the stairs. One area that I can't
stand is the storage space under the stairs. The
previous owner made the only access to that area
by going through my laundry room to access the underside
of the stairs. It's too deep and when you need something
out of there you have to pull everything out to get to the back.
I usually store Christmas stuff under there. I was browsing online
to get some ideas of what I could possibly do to make this storage area
more easy to get to. I ran across this inspirational photo
that gave me an idea.

I don't see why you couldn't apply the same technique
and use bookcases instead. Add wheels to the bottoms,
cut the tops at an angle to fit under the stairs,
paint the one side to match wall coloring to blend in
and attach a couple drawer pulls.



Can you believe we are supposed to have a high of
56-57 degrees today? The normal is in the 20's!
We have thunderstorms and I just heard thunder
rumbling! I think Indiana and other states West
of here have some tornado watches. Better than snow!



Supper tonight-

Pork Rib patties $1.49
Mashed potatoes with mushroom soup gravy. $1.00 + .49 cents
Green beans with a little cream of mushroom soup mixed in with them. .29 cents
Bread & butter .25 cents



Be sure to watch refrigerated and freezer sections
at Kroger stores for any mark downs. Sometimes
you'll find them on an end freezer or mixed in
with other things. Henderson Kroger has a section
mixed in with other things and a sign on the door
that says mark downs or discontinued items.
This is where I found the rib patties above
(kind of like what is found on a McRib sandwich).
Ribs are reg. $2.50 or so and was marked down to $1.49.
I also found a 4 pack of breaded chicken patties for $1.25.


I thought these articles were interesting!

Walgreens accused of coupon fraud.

Burger King delivering food to homes and businesses.
Right now it's in a trial stage in Washington Dc.
They are planning on expanding this service to other areas.
Cost to deliver $2 extra.


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