Friday, January 27, 2012



Tony had to stop and get gas this morning
at Speedway. It was $2.98 plus another .03 cents
of with his Speedy card. That was around 7:00am.
He just called to say his boss said gas jumped
up to $3.49!! Come on now, this is ridiculous to
have gas jump up that much!!

I have spent the last week or so studying
all kinds of pictures of tops, skirts
and pants that I like trying to figure out
how to recreate some things by upcycling
clothing, remaking it into another article
of clothing.

I really like the kerchief skirts and tops
with the sides that drape downwards.
It's taken me a little bit but I think I
have finally figured out how to recreate it.

Here is an example of a kerchief dress
with the pointed and longer sides.

While I have nothing cut out or sewn together
I wanted to show you how you can recreate that type
of bottom on a skirt or dress, in this instance
I will add it to the bottom of a man's dress shirt
to make a shirt dress.

I found an eyelet lace curtain panel,
I'll fold it in half to the desired width
and cut off the remaining fabric.
Here you can see the line of the remaining fabric
that will need cut off so imagine that cut already.
Next line up the fabric and center it to the
middle of the shirt. Find the middle and cut out
a half circle, a little bigger than the size of your waist area out of it along the folded edge. This will be the area you will sew to the shirt
and as as the skirted area below.

Like I said nothing is sewn yet but to give you and
idea of how this fabric will drape off the bottom
of the shirt I have posted a picture below.
I also found some fabric ribbon that I thought
went well with the light blue and white pin
striped shirt. I want to take a large strip
of this ribbon, find the middle and line it up
to the front of the shirt between the shirt
and the skirt area. I'll only sew it to the front
of the shirt. The back ribbon will be the ties.

I'm still debating over how to make the shirt.
Either cut off the sleeves or make into a halter
type top like the one found here.


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