Friday, January 20, 2012



Me and mom went to VA thrift store in Upper Arlington
this morning on Henderson Rd.
I got some more clothing items to work on
some repurposed clothes projects.
Once you see the clothing I bought you can
check out my Pinterest page to see the inspirational photos of things I would like to make
under the Upcycled Clothing board.
Clothing more for Spring or Summer.

Pillow case top-
I found a pillow case with ruffled and lacy edge
along with a matching valance.

Bell bottom shorts.
I found these shorts for .99 cents
and plan to use the floral skirt ($1.99) I got yesterday to make them.
I'll use leftover skirt fabric to make a top.
Total cost for this outfit will be $2.98.

Eyelet Dress-
I found this top for .99 cents.
I plan to use the eyelet bed skirt my friend gave
me for free to attach to the bottom of it
to make it into a dress.
Total cost to make this outfit- .99 cents

Men's dress shirt turned into baby doll women's dress.

HERE is another version.
I'd like to use the top half of this man's light blue
dress shirt with white pin stripes for the top
half of the dress then add the eyelet bed skirt
material for the skirt part.
I'd also like to do the same for the man's
black and white pin striped dress shirt.

Total cost to make each dress- $1.99

I found this top for .99 cents that I thought
would go with the flared pants I want to make.
Cut off the sleeves and put extra fabric
from the skirt on in it's place to match the bottoms.
Make a flared and flowing sleeve in it's place.
The print on the skirt looks gray when it's
actually white to go with the top.

skirt .50 cents
pants .99 cents
top .99 cents

Total cost to make this outfit- $2.48

I also found these other items-
-Old Virginia Candle Co. candle
with madarin sage, cucumber lavender & citrus mint layered for .40 cents

-Pill box for morning, noon, evening and bedtime pills .90 cents
(sure could of used this a week or two ago!)

-White Barn blackberry scented tea light candles .90 cents

-Bag of fabric ribbon .90 cents

-Package of tea cup hooks .90 cents
I plan to use these for Christmas wrapping paper
storage with some old curtain rods.
See HERE where I got the idea.

-A ball toy with fake fur animal tail .30 cents.
Battery operated to roll around floor.

-A Gifts In A Jar book called Muffins and Bread.
I already have one of their books called Brownies and Bars.
While these gifts in the jars make great gifts to make
they are also cheap to make and keep in the pantry
for your own use!

-And lastly, my biggest splurge was an Ionic Pro
Air Purifier. $6.96
This sells for over $120 new and helps to clean
air in a 500 sq foot area in your home.
I have a smaller one and like that you don't have
filters to buy and replace. You pull out the metal rods,
wipe off and replace back into the unit.
Removes smoke, pollen, cat dander, dust and so on.
It's really quiet and you can't hear it running.
2 liter pop bottle to show you size comparison in photo.



Trying to sew the flared pant legs and kitty keeps
trying to help me sew! Ahhhh!
And you thought they only played with yarn.

In the beginning of the video you'll see him
trying to chew on the thread at the top of
the machine. At the 34 second mark he's sticking
his head under the sewing machine watching
the needle go up and down. At the 57 second mark
it looks like he is flossing his teeth
with the moving thread at the top of the machine.
At the 1:13 second mark you'll here a snapping sound
from where I damned neart sewed his paw under the
needle from where he grabbed at it and jerked back.
At 1:23 second mark you can see his paw near the needle.
At the 2:55 mark he decided to play with the spinning
knob trying to chew on it and grab at it while it's
going round.

And yes I do my sewing on the floor, always have.
I put the peddle under my knee. There's never
enough space to put the sewing machine anywhere
else so the floor's been my spot to do sewing.




Hope we don't have an ice storm! I hate ice storms!

Complex storm system heading toward Ohio tonight. Initially this evening, most locations will see snow. But for much of central Ohio, there will be a change to freezing rain between 6 and 8 pm.

Northern parts of the viewing area will stay mainly snow, with over 4" accumulation likely. Southern parts of the viewing area will see mainly freezing rain, with some locations picking up .1 to .25" ice later tonight.


I got our H&R Block appointment changed today.
It was originally for Feb. 4th thinking the
W-2's would come Jan. 31st. But the W-2's
came this past week so I changed the appointment
to Jan. 22nd. this Sunday. The earlier you
file the earlier you get money back is my thinking.



National Weather Service has now put much of central Ohio under a Winter Storm Warning. It is now looking like up to .25" ice on top of the snow we get this evening.

I got my camera battery on charge in case there's
some interesting stuff to take pictures of,
I want to be ready.

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