Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Went to the gastreonologost this morning to have
blood work supposedly done. We briefly went over
the colonoscopy and biopsy results. Not sure
what he said about the biopsies, only understood
the word inflammation. Still don't have a name
for what I have yet. And because of the biopsies
and colonoscopy results doc wants more in depth
blood work done so I wasn't able to do it their
in the office. I now have to go to St. Ann's tomorrow
because the nurses said it would be much cheaper
to have done there with my insurance. Then once
they draw blood samples it then has to be shipped
clear to California to a lab to be looked at.
Like I said it's more of an in depth blood work
that has to be done and not many places do it
is why it is being shipped clear across the US.
It should be back in time for my appointment
to go over all the results on Feb. 9th.

The doctor took me off one of my antibiotic
medicines thinking that might be irritating my stomach
causing the rawness and throbbing I've been feeling.
He was also asking what other pills I had been on
in the past and I told him my family doctor
had put me on Pentasa. He was very shocked by that
and said my family doctor should have never started me
out with Pentasa. Ok I'm now starting to have second
thoughts about our family doctor and think in the
future we should find someone else.
My family doctor also sent me out to have a cat
scan done to see if I had Chrones Disease but when
I told the hospital that they told me you cannot
tell that by getting a cat scan done.
Then tells Tony yesterday he had a mild heart attack
recently only to not do anything about it
and say it's nothing to worry about, it was
probably a glitch. I don't have the time nor
the money or the nerves, to play the games that this family
doctor of ours seems to think we want to play.
He's doing and saying things he should not be doing.

Oh yeah I foresee doctor bills hurting us again
this year at this rate. Tony's doctor yesterday
made him an appointment with a podiatrist for his feet.
Not sure what in the world a podiatrist can do for
his feet when the damage has been done with the nerves.
We tried the Lyrica, which by the way our insurance
doesn't cover much of the cost of this medicine.
I'm starting to wonder what medicines BCBS does cover
because here lately it's been only the el cheapo meds
that you see at pharmacies that are like $4 a month.
You know things like antibiotics. I'm paying an
arm and leg for insurance and figure they'd cover a wider
variety of medicines. These $100 meds here lately are ridiculous!

We went to a podiatrist last year and they didn't tell us
anything we didn't already know or really do anything
for him or his feet pain. So why go to another one
and have more bills to pay?!

And he set up an eye specialist appointment thinking he might have a cataract
forming over one of his eyes. Can't we just go to a regular
eye doctor and not pay specialist fees so they can
run tests like before? This is a family doctor not
an eye doctor telling us now that he thinks
he has a cataract. He got all that out of pointing
a flashlight at his face?
It just never ends. I'm getting irritated with doctors.
How in the world do people
keep up with all the doctor bills and be able
to afford their other bills???



I was reading up some on Ghost Hunters on Facebook.
Tonight they start a new season on Sci Fy.
And guess where tonight's show is at???
Kings Island!!!
It's their first amusement park investigation.
I never knew the place was haunted and I live
in Ohio.


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