Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Starting to wonder if all this medicine I'm
taking is really working. I feel my stomach
throbbing all the time and the bathroom trips
are becoming more frequent again. I've been
FIVE times in 3 hours this morning.

I've decided that tomorrow morning I'll
go in and get my blood work done.
Needles don't really bother me like they do
some. Heck I'm to the point that I show
nurses the best veins to use, lol.
My hand is still sore from last Monday
when they inserted an IV into to do the



I've been reading this blog called
My Repurposed Life
I have been so inspired with everything this person
makes with things she found by the curbside.
This sounds exactly like my kind of gal.
I like to figure out different uses for things
like she does. Her main thing though seems
to be furniture of all sorts.
At Tony's work there is a bulk furniture
area where residents can drop off
any unwanted furniture to be thrown out.
With being mostly college students that live
there it has a wide variety of things that
are thrown in there throughout the year
from old to new to solid woods to put
together pieces. Wish I had the space to
do what that gal does because I have the
access to all sorts of free furniture and
that doesn't include the stuff left behind
in apartments or on patios!



Tony just called to say he's out of the doctor's office.
He went in for a check up for his diabetes.
The doctor doesn't like to give refills on
his daily meds unless he visits them every
now and then.
During this visit they also hooked him up to
monitors with wires to check his heart.
I asked why all of a sudden they are doing that
and he said it was required now for any diabetics
seen at their office to have this record on file.
This is the part where I start to wonder about
doctors. Well, then again, I've always have a hard
time trusting things doctors tell you.
According to this heart monitor results the doctor
told my hubby that he had a mild heart attack recently.
He's had no signs or symptoms like any chest pain,
indigestion, left arm tingling or going numb,
slurred speech and things of the sort. So this
wasn't making any sense to me that you could
have a mild heart attack and not know it.
So I ask hubby what the doctor said to do about it.
I'm thinking maybe some more heart tests, stress
tests, upping or lowering meds, giving him a new
prescription. To me the word heart attack sounds
pretty serious whether mild or full blown!
Made my heart skip a beat when he told me.
But when I start asking questions about what
the doctor is doing about it, he said the doctor
said it was nothing to worry about and no additional
things are being done. Of all things the only
additional thing the doctor did was set up an
appointment for him to see a podiatrist, a foot doctor.
So I'm finding it hard to believe what the doctor
told him. Hell think about it. Not long ago
I went to urgent care about irritable bowel syndrome
and got told I had bronchitis of all things when
in fact I did not. A couple days after that I visited
the emergency room. They didn't tell me I had
bronchitis and told me I had colitis, an inflamed
colon. That's more the answer I was looking for.
So when do you believe a doctor???
A doctor cannot feel your pain or symptoms.
You are the only one that knows your body best
to kind of know what is going on.



I will be adding more photos to the Freebies Found
tab up top of this page. While it is not things I found
and are things that were given to me free I'll
include it in that section as well.



Tonight's supper is going to be a Tater Tot Casserole.
I splurged and bought some Bob Evans maple ground sausage
last night because I think it gives meals a really
good flavored.



Getting ready to run over to Kroger again
to get a prescription for Tony.
As many times as I visit Kroger I should
just bring along a pillow and blanket
and camp out there.
I figured while there I could pick
up a free hair color with the coupon
I just got in the mail.

My belly is throbbing to no end.
Tomorrow while in the doctor's office
doing blood work I'm going to mention
this to them since it has gotten worse
since starting my medicine along with
more frequent bathroom trips since
starting my medicine.


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