Saturday, January 21, 2012



Oh my goodness, the tips of my shoulders are
flared up this morning and hurting pretty good.
This is the second or third time I've had this
and don't know if it is of any relation
to the Colitis and inflammation. I'm not quite
sure if I can take ibuprofen with my Lialda medicine.
I searched it online and I get mixed reviews.
I think if we are in Kroger this weekend
I'm going to stop by and talk to the pharmacist
to see what otc pain medicine I can take.
Hopefully it's ok to take ibuprofen because
tylenol does nothing for me for muscle or joint pains.
It feels like someone has punched me in both
shoulders really hard. I was reading another web site
and it seems that Colitis can cause joint pain
in different areas. I have noticed since having
IBS in the past year or more I have had joint pains
in my hips, shoulders and just recently lower
back pain with pain down both legs.
This totally sucks because it sounds like something
I'll always have with the colitis. And it doesn't
sound like Colitis ever goes away it just goes into
remission and will more than likely return
several times for the rest of your life.


I got The Bag on my door step last night, the sales ads for the week.
I was looking over the ads and saw that Menards had a few
things on sale that I might get that I thought were a good price.
I don't think the sale starts til tomorrow though.

-Scotts toilet paper 8 pack for $4.95

I'm usually paying around $4.50 or so at Kroger
for a 4 pack. That sounds like a lot for toilet
paper but these are big rolls, 1000 sheets per roll.
One roll will last us about a week. $1.12 per roll.

I think I saw at one time that Roses had the 4 packs
for $3.75 which was a better deal. .93 cents a roll.

With this Menards 8 pack of Scotts toilet paper
for $4.95 it would make each roll .62 cents a roll.
So that the best deal I have found so far.
Might pick up a couple packs to last us for
about 4 months at $9.90.

Menards also had quarts of Quaker State oil
for $2.50 each. That's a REALLY good price.
I knew oil was a little high and just checked
Advance Auto and it is $4.69 a quart.
OReilly's $4.79 a quart.

So by getting some at Menards would save you
$2.19 on each quart!

So if you are changing oil and need about 5 quarts
it would cost you $12.50 at Menards as opposed to $23.45 at
other stores. A savings of $10.95.

But you have to watch places like Menards and Pep Boys
because they like to give you deals but they have
rebates with them. I didn't see a rebate offer
on this oil deal. We got an oil change deal at
Pep Boys a couple months back and just got
our rebate check yesterday. I don't like doing
rebates and would prefer to just pay a sales
price right then and there at the store without
having to mail a form in and wondering if
the rebate check will ever come.


Aldis has a few sales next week that I might get in on.

-3 pound bag of onions .69 cents per bag.

-8 ounce container of mushrooms .59 cents

-celery .69 cents

If you ever need fresh veggies I think Aldis
has the best prices when compared to Kroger or Meijer,
MUCH cheaper!



I was laying in bed last night when I came
up with this next idea of something I can
do with one of the men's dress shirts I got
yesterday. I had already posted a picture
about making an apron from a men's shirt on Pinterest.
So why not run with this idea and maybe trying
making a Summer time halter dress with
the same idea or maybe a halter top.
Here is the men's shirt dress apron-
(directions to make it found HERE)

And here are photos of halter dresses
and halter tops that I think could
be made similar to the apron with a few tweaks.
Take the 70's look and use more modern
fabric to bring it up to date.



Running slow this morning with sleeping in til
about 10am. so we kinda missed breakfast.
So here is what we are having for lunch, a BET,
Bacon, Egg and Tomato sandwich with cheese on toast with mayo.



I save old toothbrushes to use as cleaning tools.
They are great for using around the sink drains
and faucets, stove knobs, car interiors,
getting dust out from between keys on keyboard.
Today I found another use for one-
If your bagless vaccum has removable accordian
type filters the toothbrush easily get down
in between the grooves and cleans the dirt out.


Ok I got another idea for clothing.
I saw this handkerchief style of skirt
and had the idea that maybe you could
find a tablecloth, lace or embroidered
with a pretty design, and use the four
corners for the point of a handkerchief skirt.
Not really liking the bandanna print so
that's why I thought up the more feminine
and frilly one with a more delicate fabric.

Ok, now picture the above made with tablecloth
corners like below.

I so loved this idea I found about how
to make a dress out of a tablecloth.
I always see tablecloths and curtain panels
and wonder what I could make from them.

I keep telling mom I can't wait for garage sale season again.
Thrift stores will have to do for me for now.
Oh, and talking of thrift stores,
the Goodwill thrift store on N. High St.
that used to sit across from the Giant Eagle
store now has moved and opened a new store up
at Hudson & High St. in I think the old
Hollywood Video store. Today is grand opening
of the new store!. Their old store was kind of
small so now I hope they will be able to offer
more things in the newer store.



We went out earlier to Henderson Rd. Kroger
for our weekly weekend little shopping trip.
I found some packages of John Morrel smoked
sausage that was reg. $2.69 on sale for $1.00 each.
I bought the 4 packages that were left.

After leaving Kroger I told everyone I wanted
to go check out the grand opening of the
Goodwill store. Today was the first day
open at this store. I got a couple good deals
I thought. Jonathan need another pair of Winter
boots. The last pair lasted him about 3 years
but I paid about $25 maybe more new for them. Amazingly,
considering the time of year and the snow on the ground,
we were able to find a pair of boots. And Jonathan
found a pair of DC shoes he wanted.
There was no prices on the shoes/boots so I was
asking people how much they were. One lady
said the tennis shoes were $5.00 and I asked
another lady behind the display counter how
much the boots were and she also said $5.00.
They were nice shoes and boots and looked almost
new and I was ready to pay $5.00 each as opposed
to about $20-$25 I would have spent on each pair new.
When I checked out the guy rang up each pair
for only $1.99! I was more than please and ran like
the wind! While in the store I was also
checking out the purses. Goodwill stores have one
set price on all their purses, $2.99. All the other
thrift stores have a price on each purse.
So I'm wanting to get another purse and was looking
through all the purses they had. I wasn't finding
anything. Then here comes Jonathan with this
fancy purse in his hand saying, you ought to get
this one, it's pretty nice. Who'd of thought
my son would have picked out my next purse, lol.
It's a Sienna Ricchi purse if that means anything
to anyone because I haven't a clue.
Tony also found a metal travel coffee mug for .99 cents.
Those with the metal insides are really nice for
keeping coffee nice and hot.
I ended up spending $8.00 in the store and thought
I did really good. I could have very easily spent
$40 to $50 on a couple pairs of shoes at Kmart
if I had to buy new. I have a hard time finding
the boys shoes at the thrift stores so I got really
lucky this time around.



My shoulders have hurt non stop today.
I did ask the Kroger pharmacist if I could
take ibuprofen with my medicine and he said
I could. Thank goodness because I just took
two to help the pain. I had found a box of
hot patches for muscle aches in my bathroom closet.
I took one, cut it in half, then put one on
each shoulder. I usually keep a couple of boxes
of these on hand. I get them at Dollar Tree
for a buck each. That's a pretty good price
when compared to other name brands at other stores
which can run $5 to $7.00 a box.
Dollar Store brand-


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