Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Me and mom went to a couple thrift stores this morning
to get out of the house for a few.
I bought a couple skirts and pants to tinker
around with. I also finally found a mini bundt pan
that I've been wanting for the past couple of years.
It is a Wilton pan and would have cost about $21 new.
I got this one for $2.99. I knew if I waited and searched long enough
eventually I would run across one. It wasn't something
I absolutely had to have so by having patience til I found a used
one save me $18!

Yesterday we got our W-2's in the mail. They came about
two and a half weeks earlier than usual. Even though we have
an appointment with H&R Block on the 9th of
February I'm going to see if we can walk in
and get our taxes done this weekend and cancel
the other appointment. That way we can get them
back earlier than expected and I can start paying off a few
more doctor bills that are breathing down
my back at the moment.


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