Thursday, January 19, 2012



I'm working on an upcycled pants project.
Yesterday I found a pair of black pants for .99 cents
and a black, printed skirt for .50 cents (75% off).
So this project will have cost me $1.49 to make.

I cut the skirt in half along the side seams.

I then plan to gather the top sections of the skirt
and sew it to the pant legs. I haven't decided yet
as to whether or not I want to cut off the pants
area under the skirt fabric or leave it there.
Here's a picture to give you and idea of what
I'd like to do with these two pieces of clothing.
They are NOT sewn on yet. I'll have a little
extra skirt fabric left over that I could
add to a top to make a matching set.
The pants would run you about $45 on Etsy!

I also bought this layered, kinda ruffled skirt
for $1.99. I plan to do the same thing like above
but I think I want to make this using a pair of
shorts and adding the skirt fabric for the pant legs.
Hoping not to spend more than $3.00 for this project.
Something like this would cost you $85 on Etsy!

You can upcycle clothing with different fabrics
to make it look like you spent a lot at the store
for your clothes. I know I sure cannot afford
any new clothes and always look to thrift stores
and yard sales for some.



Supper tonight- Baked pork chops, mac & cheese and corn.

I couldn't find any bread crumbs to dip my
pork chops (free gift for Christmas) in before baking them so I came
up with the idea to ground up a box of stove
Top corn bread stuffing to use as the breading.
(It was marked down after the holidays to .79 cents.)
I think I'll add in a partial packet of
dry ranch salad dressing mix to the crumbs as well
along with a sprinkling of parmesan. (free)
Serve with a side of mac & cheese (.60 cents)
and a can of corn (free).

TOTAL COST FOR ME TO MAKE- $1.39 for 4 servings.

For dessert I'm going to make strawberry shortcakes
only with a white cake mix (.99 cents).
I'm trying out my new mini bundt pan.
A tip to keep cakes from sticking in the pan
is to dust them with flour after spraying with oil.
Or you can also dust them with some of the dry
cake mix before preparing.
I found a pound of strawberries this week
at Kroger for $1.25 and plan to slice up
about half of them (.62 cents) and
sugar them in a bowl with some raspberry flavored jell-o
and a little water.
Later on I'll fill the centers of the mini
bundt cakes with strawberries and syrup then
top with some whipped cream (.50 cents)


The cost of cake mixes are getting outrageous.
I'm finding them for more than $2.00 a box!
Kroger still has their store brand for .99 cents.
But store brands come in basic flavors like
chocolate, white or yellow. I would like
to make an orange flavored cake sometime.
Think I'll use a white cake mix and add
in some orange kool aid or tang to the mix
to flavor it rather than spending over
$2.00 for a cake mix!
I'm thinking an orange flavored mini
bundt cake with some chocolate glaze, mmmm.
I'll use the leftover cake batter from
the strawberry short cakes to give it a try.
At the moment I have 6 mini bundts baking
and still have 1/2 a bowl of batter left.

Baking Tips and Hints-

To hull strawberries try poking a straw up
through the bottom and out through the top
to remove the stem.

I don't have money to buy fancy flavored extracts
to flavor things. Instead I turn to flavored
Jello and use that instead. You can usually find
cheap jello with sales and coupons or store brand.
I have many boxes
of Jello sitting around with partial packets in
them from where I use them in different baking
recipes. In the photo below I used some rasberry
jello to sugar some sliced strawberries
and a partial packet of orange jello to flavor
a white cake mix.



Ok so what's the chance of seeing this
from on my Facebook page about
Ulcerative Colitis.
I don't think we get
that cable tv channel so will be hoping for
a video of it on the internet soon to be
able to watch it.
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

I think I found the video episode from above.
I'm putting it on here so everyone can understand
what it is like to have colitis whether ulcerative
or another form of irritable bowel syndrom.
Sure wish they would of discussed what type of
diet this person was eating to make the symptoms
go away and to completely go off prescription medicine.
I just wanted to cry with this girl when she
said he stomach felt like razor blades were
scraping it. I felt her pain knowing what it is like!
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


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