Monday, January 16, 2012



I started using Pinterest.
Here's a beginner's guide to what it is.
Or go HERE to see Pinterests about page.
When you browse the web and see inspirational photos
you can put them on your pinterest page in different
categories. I signed up for it and had to wait
several days for an email to be able to join so
have patience when signing up.
I love it because I run across so many photos of
things and ideas I'd like to do or just like and
now I can keep them all in one place instead of
bookmarking them all. No downloading anything.
Just drag the pinterest button to your bookmark
toolbar across the top of your browser.
When you run across a picture you like just click
the Pin It button and it will ask what picture on
that page you are looking at you would like to post
to your pinterest album. You'll then be asked what
category (which you can make up your own) you'd like
to put it in along with your own description of the photo.
Click ok or if you wish to put it on Facebook you can
do that also to share with friends and family.
You can also do searches and browse other people's photos.


Kroger had these 3 pack scented sachets for 50% off.
Reg. $4.99 marked down to $2.49.
I love things that have a really good scent to them.
When I turned to walk in a certain isle in the store
I couldn't see these mark downs but I sure could
smell them and knew that I had to find what was
making that smell.

I took one smelly potpourri packet and tucked it up inside
a vent cover. This way when the furnace
kicked on it would blow a nice scent throughout
the house.

Sometimes I just put scented dryer sheets in the
vent that would do the same thing.



Woke up not feeling too bad. I didn't finish my laundry
yesterday so working on that today. I had a load left
in the washer and dryer and one more load after that
to do. Then the fun of putting everything away in the
closets. Now I'm starting to feel shaky again
and feeling tired.


Thought for the day-

They make zip closures for many things like
shredded cheese, cereal & tortillas so you can
keep them fresh, right?
Well, why don't they put this invention to use
on potato chip bags???

I use clothes pins to hold the bags closed.



Still feeling a little weird with shakiness.
Tonight after we got home from our outing
I walked in the door and got a dizzy spell.
I'm only on my one med now call Lialda which
has another 11 refills til the end of the year.
This Wednesday will be two weeks of taking it.
I know I write a lot about my symptoms and how
I'm feeling. It's so I can keep a diary of
everything in case I should have to tell
my doctor of what happened and when.

I haven't done much other than some laundry.
Other than that I've been pretty much laying around.


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