Tuesday, January 24, 2012


With breakfast this morning we are having
pie crust cookies spritzed with a little
butter flavored spray and cinnamon sugar.
These were the leftover pie crust pieces
from making pot pies last night.

To jazz them up even further add
a little jelly to the tops.
OR sprinkle or dip in powdered sugar.


Me and mom went to Aldis this morning.
I spent $24.32 for a cart full of things.
Your money definitely goes further at Aldis.
I love going there to get produce much
cheaper than the other main grocery stores.

I got-

2 large stalks of celery .69 cents each
2 three pound bags of onions .69 cents each
2 8 oz containers of mushrooms .59 cents each
1 one pound bag baby carrots .99 cents each
1 four pound bag of oranges $1.69
1.44 pound bananas .63 cents
2 gingerbread house kits marked down to .99 cents each!
2 bags potato chips $1.39 each
1 bag cheese crunches .99 cents
1 canister Italian bread crumbs $1.19
1 jar spaghetti sauce .99 cents
1 block cream cheese $1.19
1 bag of bagels
3 cans tuna fish .59 cents each
3 cans cat food .29 cents each
1 dozen eggs $1.39
1 box instant mashed potatoes .99 cents
1 Italian dressing $1.39

I showed prices of items for people who have
never shopped Adlis to get a price comparison of things.

I got a bunch of celery and onions due to the price.
I plan to chop them all up, blanch them and
put them into freezer bags. Don't buy the frozen
bags at the store with them already diced up
when it is much cheaper and you get more when
you do it yourself! No need to run out to the store
when making soups and what not when you can
just pull one of the many bags of your own
frozen and diced veggies from the freezer.
Frozen and fresh produce is much better for
you than canned anyway.

After Aldis we stopped in Dollar Tree hoping
to get some canned apple pie filling which
they usually have for $1.00. But today they
didn't seem to have any in stock.
I bought these items for $1.00 each.

-16 oz jar salsa
-4 pack of mini spiral notebooks
-3 pack of super glue
-butter toffee sunflower kernels
-20 count stick on pain relief patches

Some things are not always cheaper to buy
at the dollar stores while some things are.
Some of the things I like to get there for
cheaper than the grocery store is-

-apple pie filling
-baby powder
-hot patches for muscle aches
-trail mix or bags of nuts
-powdered oxy clean


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