Friday, January 13, 2012



Friday the 13th starts out with about an inch of snow,
wind gusts, temperature at 17 degrees and wind chills
around 7-9 degrees. Yup, off to a good start, lol.
Still school though for Columbus. But the kids
have a 3 day weekend with Monday off for
Martin Luther King day.

Even though we are an odd street in between township
streets, we still get township snow plow service
at no charge or extra tax dollars.
Last night I heard them making about 3-4 passes
in the snow plow down our street about 10pm.
That is so nice to have the streets plowed right away.
Drive about 2 streets away and you run into the Columbus
city area where they will not plow and snow
really accumulates on the road. You go from clear
roads at our house and two blocks away you could
hit many inches of snow on the road. It's weird like
they drew a line on the road where they stop plowing.



Not having the best day. I laid back down
at 9:30am and got up at 1:15pm, a 3.75 hour nap!
I was thinking about making some home made pot pies
but don't have the energy to do it so might
do the frozen entree type thing for supper.

The other day when in Kroger I saw the Pillsbury
pie crusts marked down to .99 cents each.
Normal price is $3.89 each!
Well on each package was a coupon for $1.00 off 2.
So it made 2 packages of double pie crust
.98 cents/2 or .49 cents each.
That's what I was going to use for the pot pies.
Then throw in some meat, canned mixed veggies
and a packet of country gravy mix.
Maybe crumble up some of the cube steaks for the meat in them.
The kids each had a sandwich with two cube steaks yesterday
so I have two leftover I could use.



My funny stories.

So me and the kids are sitting around watching TV
when a commercial comes on where you could send money
monthly to adopt a tiger. My kids twerps up and
says mom, can we adopt a tiger? I say no we can't,
we're already adopting a few doctors.

The other day when coming back from getting
Tony's prescription we were coming down Cooke Rd.
I noticed movement up ahead at the side of the road.
It was dark and I thought it was someone at their
mailbox out by the road. As I got nearer a very
large doe bounces out in front of me causing
me to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting her.
This is NOT an area you would expect to see a deer!
I immediately call mom. She tells me all the time
about my brother going hunting and shooting deer.
So when mom answers the phone I say,
"hey mom, I almost got my first deer of the year!"
Yeah, she was really confused wondering what I was talking about, lol.



MMMmmmm, nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate
topped with some whipped cream and a pinch of
cinnamon on top. Sure makes the belly all warm
and fuzzy on a cold night like tonight.
That really hit the spot!


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