Thursday, January 12, 2012



Went and had blood taken today at St. Anns.
They took 8 vials of blood which seemed like
a lot but it was for many tests to be done.

Me and mom went to McDonalds after
and then over to the thrift store.
The kids have been going through a bunch
of tops they've outgrown so I wanted to
pick them up a couple more each.
I paid $1.99 for 3 long sleeve shirts
and .99 cents for one long sleeve shirt.

A new dryer vent hose
still in it's packaging for .90 cents.
Would have cost about $14 at Sears.
We were talking about getting a new one since
the episode with our dryer clogging up with lint.

Fluffy padded
mattress pad for Christopher's twin bed.
He said his bed is getting uncomfortable
so I thought this might help.
Cost $3.99.

This Ohio State jacket I got for
a Christmas present for my father-in-law.
I paid $1.99 for it.

This here is a velcro face mask.
I got for if Tony should happen to be
working outside this Winter on call.
Some apartments have outside water heaters
that like to go out and need relit or
they have frozen water lines from them.
When it feels like -20 below you'd be glad
you had something like this!



For supper I was thinking about making
some cabbage roll soup as I call it.
I don't have the patience to actually
make cabbage rolls so I throw all
the ingredients in one pot and make a soup.

I browned 1 pound roll Bob Evans sage ground sausage $1.49
with a handful of dehydrated onions. Free
1/2 head of cabbage torn/cut apart into pieces and put
into water to boil and get tender. .35 cents
Fill large pot with a can of tomato juice $1.99
and a packet of taco seasoning. Free
Along with a can of diced tomatoes with juice .49 cents.
Bring to boil and add a cup of rice to it. Free
Add a little splenda/sugar to it to take a
little of the bitiness out of it if you want.
Drain water off cabbage once tender.
Add to tomato juice/rice mix once rice is tender.
Add in sausage. Serve in bowl and top with shredded cheese $1.00.


I also have a crock pot going with some
leftover cube steaks I had.
I put in a can of cream of mushroom soup
with the cube steaks. Will have for
supper tomorrow served with mashed potatoes.



This here is a plate rack that was given to
me yesterday. I have no kitchen wall to hang
it on so decided to give it a new purpose.
It's now hanging in my basement stairwell
and will be used to hang wet, cleaning rags from
before being thrown downstairs in the laundry.
I've always wanted a towel bar but one never
got one put up so this will do just fine
and I can hang 4 towels/rags at once on it :0)
Don't throw or give something away without
seeing if it can serve another purpose!



Looks like a major cold front will be coming in tonight
dropping temps into the 20's tomorrow for a high
with wind chills in the single digits.
Snow accumulation will be 1-3" in central Ohio
and 2-4" in Northern Ohio.

Oh goodie. At least I have no plans of going anywhere
tomorrow other than the bus stop. But mom does
tomorrow afternoon with taking food over from the
church with other ladies to a women's shelter
near down town.
Tony has been told already to be into work
an hour early to either help plow or spread salt.



Ever wonder what to use those large coffee cans
for once the coffee is gone?
I use them to store dry goods in such as rice.

You could also use them to store beans,
flour or sugar in. Decorate the outside of the can
with pretty contact paper and use them as canisters on your counter!



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