Monday, January 30, 2012


I bought me another printer today from Walmart.
When I can't refill my ink cartridges anymore
or get them to work I'll opt to get another
printer rather than buy new ink cartridges
which would cost around $50 for black and color.
A new HP printer with ink cartridges cost
$29.00 at Walmart. I saved $20 by buying
the printer instead of the ink!
It should take no time to recoup
(probably one shopping trip) this $29
with the printable coupons I will be able print
and use to save money on groceries.

Walmart also has an HP all in one
scanner, printer and copier
$24 online site to store ship.

And I saw Canon all in one's in the store
for $29.
I don't do these all in one as they get
too complicated or you can't refill
the ink cartridges in them.

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