Monday, January 9, 2012



My stomach has been bothering me some.
By that I don't mean I have an upset stomach.
The muscles on both sides of the underside of
the rib cage around the stomach feel like they are inflamed.
When I talk or laugh it makes them throb even more
so I've been trying not to talk as much.
I've had it feel like this before so it's
not a new symptom but is bothersome when it
flares up.




Here are some ideas for all that Christmas
paper that was used to wrap gifts.
Don't throw it away, recycle it!

Use a paper shredder and shred it all up for
shipping boxes, filler for gift bags,
to store fragile items in like glass Christmas ornaments.

While I am currently having someone else shred
paper for me I am on the hunt for a cheap paper
shredder or a free one if my hubby can find one :0)


If you've had a live Christmas tree gather some
pine needles from the tree before setting it out
to the curb. Put them in a sachet or panty hose
so their scent can escape. You can still have
that Christmas smell awhile after the holiday
has gone.


Buy large glass vases from the thrift store
and fill them with mini ball ornaments
found from after Christmas sales.
This makes a decorative show piece for
your dining room table or end table.
Add a few fake flowers or greenery.


Reuse all the Christmas cards gotten this year.
Tear off the front part of the card and reuse
it next year as a Christmas post card.


Candy canes can be put together to look like
hearts for Valentine's Day.
Face two candy canes together, hook parts
facing one another, add a little melted hot chocolate
where they touch and wallah, instant peppermint hearts.
They can be bought really cheap after Christmas.



The gastreonoligist's office called. I need to
go in for blood work before my next appointment
on February 9th. So it looks like I'll be heading
down there sometime this week.

I took mom over to the post office earlier then
I wanted to stop by Aldis because Tony needs coffee
and you can get a large can there for $5.49
compared to other stores with name brands for
$10 to $13 on up. Well, guess what?
They were totally out of it. Even asked
if they had some in the back. They said
they should get more in this week.
I also picked up a 10 pound bag of potatoes
for $2.99, not the greatest price and a package
of tater tots. I wanted to make the tater tot
casserole recipe I saw on the back of the
Pioneer Brand sausage gravy mix for supper tonight.

I'd still like to make a run over to Meijer this week
and get some of the Kraft cheese on sale for $2.
Yesterday I was able to find more coupons
from a blinkie machine at Kroger for $1.25
off two. That would make each 2 cup pkg
of shredded cheese $1.37!



Don't ya just love it when the bus runs late
and you drive to the bus stop and are left
sitting and wondering when in the world
the bus would show up. Calling the school
a half hour after the students leave and expecting
someone to answer a phone is a joke. I tried
two different times and no one picked up the
phone there. The bus finally showed up
30 minutes late because a student on that bus
decided to call the bus drive the "B" word.
She turned the bus around and took that child
back to the school. There should be some kind
of recorded phone call that could go out to
parents when a certain bus might run late
so parents or caregivers don't sit and worry.
I've had buses show up an hour late before.
Hell years ago I had a bus that didn't even show up
one morning!



I got the pictures posted of the things I found
yesterday under the FREEBIES FOUND tab at the top
of the page.


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