Thursday, January 5, 2012



Looks like mom will be helping me get my $102
prescription for now. I don't have an extra
$100 right now extra to spend each month for
prescriptions or pretty much anything else for
the moment.

I remember telling Tony this morning before
he left for work that today I'm going to
relax and try and have a less stressful day.
Between being sick for the last month,
having kids home from school on Winter break,
worrying about Christmas and having a colonoscopy,
I thought today would be the first day I could
relax finally. I'm eating those words now and removing
the words "relax" and "less stressful" from my vocabulary
because I don't know what they mean.



I haven't done much of anything. Just enjoying
the peace and quiet most of the day before
everyone got home.

Tony picked up my Lialda prescription tonight,
the one for $102 and some change (sigh).
These pills remind me of red kidney beans, lol.
My paperwork says it is used to treat a flare up/
attack of ulcerative colitis. There is no cure
but medication can decrease it's symptoms.

I know I am getting old when I now have a prescription
to last me at least a year!

Tomorrow morning me and mom's going out for
a little bit. I need to pay my car insurance
then want to stop by another Kroger in Westerville
to check out their mark downs. This will
be my fourth one looking for Christmas mark downs
in the past week. While I am not really in the market
to buy things like Christmas decorations, I try
to find things that can be used as gifts. I'd like to also
stop by Meijer to see if they started marking things
down more than 50% off.
I am determined this year
to get 90% of my Christmas shopping done between
now and Halloween. Mom got me a little hard back
magnetic notebook for Christmas and I now have that in my
purse to keep track of any purchases I have
made for Christmas and to whom they will go to
along with what I paid for the items.



I cleaned out the shredded paper and added new
to the gerbil's cage. They are kept in Christopher's
room with the door closed to keep the cat out.

So after cleaning out the gerbil cage and putting
the trash can back in the kitchen this is
what I found a couple moments later, lol.

I don't know if kitty thought maybe there
was a possibility I had
thrown out a few gerbils with their litter
or what but there he was digging through
all the shredded paper.
I have never seen him in the trash
or messing with the trash til now.
Needless to say the trash was bagged up
and put outside. I had this vision of waking
up to the trash can knocked over and thousands
of pieces of shredded paper strewn all over the house.

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