Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Well I had some good news concerning my colonosopy bill.
It was originally $2644.00.
We were told by the endoscopy place that we would
be charged $600 for it with our insurance and
they asked for half the amount up front
the day of the procedure so we paid $300.
Yesterday I got a statement from our insurance
saying we only owe $244.00 total for the
colonoscopy. They OWE us now $55.
Thank goodness this worked out in our favor
because we were thinking we owed $600 out of pocket
and only ended up owing $244- a difference
of $356 that I no longer owe, whew! That can
now be applied to another bill to be taken care of.

Supper tonight-

Homemade McRib sandwiches with french fries.
I'm adding sauted onions and mushrooms on
each sandwich along with american cheese.

This evening a person from the bank is coming
over to go over our home loan with us.
NOTHING is wrong with it as I have never had
a late payment or have been behind any payments.
I'm a little iffy about the whole situation
because the banker just showed up at our
door yesterday wanting to discuss our home loan,
probably wanting to refinance us at lower
rates, blah, blah, blah. I never asked or called
the bank to have this person come to our home
nor did I contact them about wanting to discuss
anything about our loan. But the guy comes to our
door yesterday asking for us by our names.
Tony was not here at the time so I had him
come back today when Tony was home.
I told Tony it won't hurt to listen to what he
has to say but DO NOT sign up for ANYTHING!!!
If we need or want anything we are not doing
it through a banker that comes to our home
unannounced! We will go to the bank in person
and talk to someone there. If interested
we'll get the information in writing but NOT sign anything!
Then if we want to do something further we'll
take that to the bank. I know our mortgage lender
has sent us several things about how we could
refinance or go on an every other week payment
plan to cut down our interest. I did not respond
to them because I wasn't interested. Are banks
so hard up for business that they have people
coming to your homes now??!! I just find the whole
thing a little fishy.



Well we had our meeting with this person this evening.
The meeting was about getting disability or
death coverage with our home loan.
Sure it's something we need but still cannot
afford at the moment. We had already talked
to State Farm about it right after getting our
home and it was still too high for us to get back then.
We are trying very hard to get the things we
need by taking baby steps. I mean we have car insurance,
health insurance (dental, vision and medical),
life insurance, 401K and now a savings account starting up.
I'm pretty glad to have gotten
this far in life because back when we first started
out 13 years ago I don't recall having any of the above!

I did ask this person about how refinancing a loan
worked. I thought I knew about how much it cost
but every time I would tell Tony or mom about it
I don't think they believed me. I wanted
someone to hear it from the horses mouth that
when you would refinance a loan you would have
to pay closing costs all over again along
with whatever fees there are to add to it.
and it would cost about $3,000,
maybe more, to refinance our loan. I WAS RIGHT!!
I am happy with our interest rate and where
we stand at the moment. At an extra $3,000
to refinance to save $75 a month off our loan
would take 40 months before we start seeing
any savings after considering that $3,000.
Plus when you refinance I think they start
you back at a 30 year loan if that's what you had
before. I don't want to start all over again.

I look at it this way-

In 40 months (3.33 years) I will have saved $3,000
and already applied an extra $6,000 in principal
with around 12 extra house payments made!! Because if I had to of
paid an extra $3,000 to refinance, that money
would have come out of the extra principal
money I would have used towards the house.
I know others have a hard time following
the way I think so just as long as I know what
I am doing is all that counts.

Ok, gotta go, head's spinning trying to think too much.
Got laundry going and need to get that done.
I know I should have had laundry done Sunday
and I'm a little late with getting that done.
Well I won't have that much to do this Sunday
coming up :0)



I now have a spiral notebook that I have been using
to jot down any and all ideas from house organizing
to crafts. I have been trying to design a plan
for redoing storage in my basement and have
been looking at all kinds of ideas.
Tonight I think I found my inspiration for what
I would like to do to my storage room, maybe
even for under stair storage.
Check out the video below of how you can build
a pvc storage rack for totes. I think I could
make this in a "U" shape to wrap around the walls
in my storage room and have it all connected in one
piece. Is it not the coolest and simplest
storage idea that you can customize to your space.
I'd have to price the pieces first to see
if this would be an option we could do.

PVC Bin Storage Organizer


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