Sunday, January 15, 2012



I woke up feeling a little better.
Muscles still feel a little shaky.
Got breakfast/brunch made for everyone
then started laundry and Tony did up all the
dishes and got them put away. Now we're
playing find Tony's cell phone which
he lost yesterday and he has yet to find.
I'll have to make sure and check all pockets
of clothing before tossing them in the
washing machine today just in case.
Well it's time to change the laundry over
then I might work on tidying up the kids rooms.



Found the phone! Took me all of about 2 minutes to find, lol.
He's still outside searching his car and turning
everything else upside down. The first place I looked
was around his night stand thinking it might have
fell off it. And sure enough it did!



Ok, so I used the word 'tidying' earlier too lightly.
The word I think I meant to use was overhaul.
Yeah, that's more the word it is turning out to be!



Supper is whatever you want to call it since
I just threw it together.

shredded casserole cheese
ranch dressing
sliced ham
1/2 cup velveeta cheese
cream of chicken soup
1/4 cup milk

Spread tortillas with a little ranch dressing.
Top with some cheese, a slice of ham & a little more cheese.
Starting at one end toll up tortilla.
Place seam side down on cookie sheet and bake
til a little crispy and cheese has melted.

While baking, in a small sauce pan add
Velveeta cheese, milk and soup. Stir
til cheese has melted. Serve in bowls
along side of roll ups to dip the roll ups in.

Makes 10 ham & cheese roll ups.

Serve with nacho cheese chips (not shown)


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