Sunday, January 29, 2012



This morning I made stuffed french toast for breakfast.
I tried to make it all sugar free.

Dip bread into egg beaten with milk,
1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg and 1 tsp vanilla.

In another bowl or food processor I mixed
up about a half pkg cream cheese, grated orange zest,
vanilla, 1/2 pkg sugar free vanilla pudding,
about 1/3 cup milk and a couple tablespoons of splenda.

Then in another bowl I added sliced strawberries
with some splenda, some sugar free strawberry jello
and a little water and mixed in some sugar free

Grill french toast in skillet with spray.
Turn one piece of toast over and spread cream
cheese on top. Place other piece of french toast
grilled side down onto cream cheese. Grill up
both sides.

Top with strawberries and strawberry/maple syrup juice.

Tonight for supper I'm making chicken teriyaki
with veggies & rice.

Tony has tomorrow off. He took it off for his birthday.
We plan to see a movie tomorrow morning and
then go out to either breakfast or lunch.
It's not too often me and him get out to
do anything by ourselves.


Here is my next idea I came up with for
my Idea Notebook. I think it's a great idea
for organizing some of my craft/sewing supplies.
I'm sure the supplies to do this can be found
cheaply at yard sales or thrift stores because
they are probably considered outdated items.
But repurpose them and put them to good use.

Reuse plastic video rental vhs cases to store your craft items in like lace, ribbon, thread, sewing notions, glue gun and sticks & scrapbook items in then store them all neatly and organized on a vhs rack. You can then label the sides of them
as to what is in each one.



Between working on a few loads of laundry I have
left to finish I have been working on making
a shirt dress. This is what I have done so far.

I used a man's dress shirt and attached two strips
of eyelet curtain pieces to the bottom.

I found an easy way to ruffle fabric.
Take a piece of string or yarn and zig zag
stitch it around the yarn on the fabric edge you want to ruffle.

Once done with zig zag stitching then you can pull the
yarn and bunch up the fabric to make ruffles.
either sew a stitch across the ruffles and pull
the yarn out or do like I did and leave the yarn
in place when stitching the ruffled fabric
onto the shirt.

I still have to add an extra button to the bottom of the shirt.
There's usually extra buttons sewn on the inside of men's
dress shirt but this Tommy Hilfiger shirt doesn't have any.
Then I would like to take the dress in on the sides a little
and shorten the sleeves to be able to wear during the
warmer weather. It's a start!


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