Monday, January 23, 2012



Just got home from the bank and post office.
I got some money deposited and paid off
2 of the larger doctor bills I have at the moment.
While in the bank I also decided to open
up another savings account. We had one before
but it had run dry and the bank closed it out.
Now I have it set up to direct deposit a little
bit of money from Tony's check into it each time
he gets paid. I did it this way because if
you just open a savings account without
direct deposit of any kind into it then it
requires to have a minimum of a $400 balance
at all times. But if you direct deposit any
amount of each paycheck into the savings account
then there is no minimum balance.
Any money, no matter how small the amount may be,
put into a savings account is good. At least I think
so because you'll always have a little bit of
change set aside for emergencies, repairs
or extra needed money for other bills or Christmas.
I don't have much but over time, maybe years,
it can start to build up. Something is better than nothing!!



I just popped my head outdoors to check the mail
and it feels like Spring out! I checked the
temperature on WBNS and it says it's 60 degrees out!
Can you believe that for a January in Ohio?!

Tony just called and said he saw tulips?
sticking their heads/leaves out of the ground a couple inches.
This weather I'm sure has a lot of plants confused.



I noticed the rain was letting up and a burst of
sunlight came out for a few moments so I grabbed
my camera and headed outside in search of a rainbow.
Sure enough I found one. Can you believe there
was a rainbow, in Columbus, in January??!!
When's the last time you seen a rainbow in January?
Ummmm, NEVER!



Supper tonight-
something I made up and will call-
Potato Soup Pot Pies.

I found Pillsbury double pie crusts for $1.00
with $1.00 off 2 coupons on the packages
making them .50 cents each. ($1.00 for 2)
I am using these crusts for the pot pies.

Here are my other ingredients-
1/2 can carrots, diced up (free)
1/2 cup diced ham, about 1/3 pkg (.83 cents)
1 medium to large potato diced up into small cubes (.25 cents)
1 packet sausage flavored country gravy mix ($1.39)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese, not pictured (.75 cents)

1. Unroll the pie crusts and using your mini
pie pans, trace 4 onto each of the pie crust dough
for a total of 8.
Place 4 circle crusts into the bottoms of
4 mini pie pans. Set aside.

2. In a small sauce pan mix up a package
of sausage flavored country gravy mix.
Heat til it starts to thicken then remove
from heat to thicken some more.

3. Boil up potatoes til softened, drain.

4. Add diced up carrots, potatoes, cheese and ham
to gravy.

5. Spoon gravy mixture into mini pie crusts.

6. Place a circular pie crust on top.
Press down around sides to pinch together
tops and bottoms of dough to make a seal.

7. Cut slits into tops of crusts.

8. Bake in 350 degree oven for ?
Still waiting on a time to see how long
it takes to bake.

or .93 cents a serving.



Tony is all the time complaining that I get
the truck so dirty to the point it looks
like I've been out mud running.
I don't know what he's talking about, LOL.


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